Wax On

By Sarah Bicknell


image via www.7forallmankind.com

Now that fall is finally upon us in Dallas, it’s time to ditch your boring basic denim jeans for something more edgy – coated jeans! Coated denim jeans, also known as “waxed” jeans, are super chic and stylish, while being just fashion-forward enough to still be practical and wearable for the average person.

Although pricier than regular denim (they typically run around $200), coated jeans have the same edgy look of leather jeans, without actually being made of leather and a fraction of the cost. They are extremely versatile and come in every color and texture under the sun, easily making them a replacement for regular denim. Dress them down with a casual tee and flats, or rev them up with a silky blouse and heels. The coated denim trend has been around for a while and is likely not going away anytime soon, making these pricy pants well worth the investment.

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