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SMU to offer high school fashion media summer workshops

Love fashion blogs and magazines?  Want to learn about writing for and producing fashion media?  Come pursue your passion for fashion: Learn from SMU’s Fashion Media faculty and working professionals in workshops on the SMU campus this summer.

Dates & times: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. July 9-12 (session 1) and July 16-19 (session 2)

Place: Journalism facilities on the Southern Methodist University campus

Price: $550 per session

For more information, contact Camille Kraeplin, SMU’s Fashion Media sequence director, at  or

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By Hillary Hirschfeld

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Seven years ago, 15-year-old Geoff Garber received a $1,000 loan from his father to print 150 T-shirts.

He hoped the shirts would help him get his foot in the door of the clothing industry.

Today, merchandise from the SMU senior’s mens’ clothing and accessories company, Matrimoney, is sold in 18 stores in five states and two other countries, as well as through several online retailers.

Matrimoney continues to grow each year, introducing new products for men every season — and for the first time this season, for women as well.

“I always wanted to be the first person to have the newly released shoes or watch or whatever it was,” says Garber.

“So, instead of waiting for other companies to drop new product, I figured why don’t I just make my own stuff.”

Garber and his business partner, Will Bolt, met during their sophomore year of high school. “We both had a keen sense for fashion early on and somewhat of a hunger for money in common,” says Bolt.

With that, the innovative teens worked together to launch their own company, which for them represented the ambition of wanting something more in life than what is simply handed down.

Garber says, “I never wanted to have anything just given to me because there’s no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.”

“Matrimoney,” however, was not their initial choice for a brand name.

Garber and Bolt originally wanted to call their brand “Machiavelli” after the philosopher/war tactician. They quickly discovered, however, that Tupac’s mother had already trademarked that name. With 150 Tees already printed and embossed with “M” logos, a new name had to be established, and it had to start with “M.”

After spending hours looking for ideas in the “M” section of the dictionary, Garber found himself stuck on the word “Matrimony” when inspiration finally hit. He conjured up the idea of putting an “E” in between the “N” and “Y” to read “MatrimonEy,” or as Garber puts it, “married to money.”

“The whole concept of the brand revolves around success. Normally with success comes money, so I would be lying to say that money isn’t a large theme behind the brand,” says Garber.

“However, more of the focus of the brand is to live your dream doing what you love and constantly progressing towards new levels in whatever your craft is.”

From taking on a project that many people close to them viewed as a “huge risk,” the partners have certainly experienced success, transforming their small T-shirt startup into a thriving company. And both Garber and Bolt agree that starting so young has given them the chance to learn important lessons early, while still in the beginning stages of their career.

“After seven years, we are starting to learn from our mistakes and capitalize on opportunities that before we might not have recognized,” says Garber.

These opportunities include factors such as product placement and collaborations.

Matrimoney is currently running a Spring 2012 campaign with Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers representing their brand.

“They have marketed themselves very well,” says Johnny Powell, manager of Centre at Mockingbird Station, one of Matrimoney’s biggest retailers.

“It’s not as easy as some people think to just have a celebrity endorse your clothing, but that’s the name of the game and they have it down.”

This, however, is just the beginning for Matrimoney. Garber and Bolt plan to open up a flagship store in Dallas in 2014. They also hope to expand on the women’s market, and possibly some kid’s clothing over the next few years. The future is bright for Garber and Bolt, who see nothing but opportunity and hope to make Matrimoney a household name.

For more information on Matrimoney, visit:

Also check out their Facebook and Twitter pages: and .

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Kelly Wearstler’s home collection hits Dallas

By Lauren


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The Scene

Fashionable Dallasites sipped from mini Moët bottles while photographers scrambled about to capture moment after chic moment as the exclusive guest list mingled throughout the crowded room at Forty Five Ten.

The boutique on McKinney came alive April 11 to celebrate the store’s exclusive Dallas launch of West Coast interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s home line, previously available only at Bergdorf Goodman or Wearstler’s own store.

Wearstler’s fresh and sophisticated point of view meshes well with the internationally acclaimed boutique’s other high-end designer wares. Known to offer “the best of the best,” Forty Five Ten’s clientele includes Oprah Winfrey, Laura Bush, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Simpson.

The store had been completely rearranged to accommodate the new collection, said Mark Moussa, founder and president of Arteriors, a wholesale home decor resource.

“They moved the men’s section out, and moved her in,” he said.

Wearstler said her expansion to Forty Five Ten was the boutique’s idea.

“They contacted us,” she said, “after their buyer visited my showroom in New York.”

She visited the boutique Wednesday afternoon to sign copies of her book Hue and was available to mingle with fans, friends and the fashion crowd during the event.


The Designer

According to The New York Times, although Wearstler studied interior design in college, she spent several years working in the movie industry – even posing as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month under a pseudonym in 1994 – before returning to her design roots.

In 1995, Wearstler used the proceeds from the Playboy shoot to open her design firm, Kelly Wearstler Interior Design, or Kwid.

Her career took off when she decorated the home of Los Angeles real estate developer Brad Korzen. She went on to redo the interior of another Korzen-owned property — the Avalon, a 1940s-era hotel in Beverly Hills — and the two married in 2002.

Soon Wearstler’s firm became known for its hotel interior design, which The New York Times has described as “retro-theatrical.”

Wearstler has written three books on interior design, including Domicilum Decoratus, “featuring only photographs of her Beverly Hills mansion and Ms. Wearstler, who was clad in a medley of evening gowns,” writes The New York Times. And in 2008, she graced the judging table on Bravo’s show Top Design.

In 2011, Wearstler expanded her brand to clothing with an eponymous line that is casual and feminine in a very “now” way.

The response from the crowd

Forty Five Ten may be known for great designer clothing and accessories, but this afternoon Céline, Thakoon and Alaïa took a back seat to Wearstler’s edgy collection.

With its sculptural statement pieces of marble and brass, chinaware and textured throw pillows, the line is anything but minimalistic, despite the subdued palate of black, white and metallic.

Moussa picked a solid brass foot sculpture as one of his favorite pieces. “This,” he said, “is needed in today’s decor.”

Designer Christian Siriano agreed. “Her interior work is really awesome,” he said

Wearstler’s home line will fare fabulously in the Dallas market, said Nikki Knishinsky, store manager of Five and Ten, Forty Five Ten’s other concept located in Highland Park Village.

She believes the collection will appeal to the well-traveled, highly cultured Dallas customer.

“She [Wearstler] is the epitome of vintage chic, and Dallas is one of the chicest cities I’ve ever been to,” said Knishinsky, playing the part in a red maxi dress and slicked-back bun.

“The eclecticism of her pieces will be appreciated here because there is such an emphasis on the arts.”

Meaghan Looney, assistant buyer at Forty Five Ten, described Wearstler’s demographic as a more mature buyer, due primarily to the line’s lofty price-point.

But the younger crowd attending Wednesday was definitely intrigued by Wearstler’s fantastical decor. Wearing color-blocked dresses, strategic cutouts and mixed textures, the young elite eyed the merchandise and managed “ooh”s and “ahh”s through mouthfuls of baked gruyere.

The Advice

For students cramped in innately unstylish dorm rooms or 20-somethings just starting their careers, budget limitations make achieving Wearstler’s eclectic-cool look difficult.

How can the younger crowd get her bold look on a dime?

Wearstler, in a tapered black-and-white graphic skirt, assured this reporter that with only masking tape and amazing paint colors, any space can be transformed.

To achieve her line’s self-described “unexpected edginess,” she suggests experimenting with color because it is easy to do yourself.

Why not play with the ceiling, or add a big graphic pattern to the walls?

“That’s what I did in my first apartment,” she said.

Wearstler’s beautiful and unusual pieces left guests inspired, but wondering: What is it that inspires her?

“Everything around me,” she said.

“Literally jewelry, going to my metal fabricator’s, going to the museum. Just being aware — everything inspires me.”

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Capsizing the Mary Jane

By Grace Davis


Stuart Weitzman Capsize $375. Image from


Mary Jane got a makeover this year. Dressed in the hottest hues of the season — the lightest shade of blush, a more adventurous “Salad” green and, of course, understated yet glamorous black – the “Capsize” puts a sultry spin on the classic MJ.                                             The shoe’s silver-pointed cap toe is the perfect complement for flirty floral shifts for day or night this spring.


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Nailing it: The beauty industry’s new nail obsession


By Caroline Foster


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Recently nail polish and nail designs have emerged as popular low-cost ways to update an outfit.  Now nails are a canvas, and you can decorate and style them to accessorize any look.

But why is this nail obsession happening now?

One explanation for this craze could be what is referred to as the “lipstick” index: As the economy suffers, trendsetters are forced to find less-expensive ways to stay in style.

According to Southern Methodist University Assistant Professor of Marketing Priyali Rajagopal, the term lipstick index originated when economists noticed that lipstick sales appeared to rise as the economy declined.

But this theory may ring true no matter what the beauty item.

“I certainly think the idea of a lipstick index can be applied to any beauty product that is relatively low in price,” says Rajagopal.

Because nail polish is inexpensive, women see the product as an affordable treat.

“Many experts suggest that women tend to look for small indulgences during poor economic times,” says Rajagopal. “Spending $2 to $8 on a nail polish can seem very attractive.”

Retailers and fashion publications have caught on to the trend. Online at Harper’s Bazaar covers  nail trends in detail. Writer Kri Molvar breaks down the three biggest trends in nails from the Spring 2012 shows: patterns, neutrals and color.

Nails are also a hot topic in the beauty section of  In a March post titled Color Theory: Four Designers Match Nail Polish to their Jewelry,” Catherine Piercy writes about the trend of matching nail color to rings and bracelets, or “the punctuative power of the right manicure and its ability to instantly accessorize, and sometime’s change, the way a woman wants to dress.”

In the April 2012 magazine issue of Vogue, a one-page story is dedicated to Prabal Gurung’s collaboration with Sally Hansen.

Gurung isn’t the only designer to add nail adornments to his  repertoire, however.

Thakoon Panichgul, the designer behind the Thakoon label, has created a limited-edition collection of nail lacquer for beauty brand Nars.

The colors all originated from the boldly patterned designs in his spring runway show.  From bright yellow to a cool blue, the shades are sure to fly off the shelves once they become available on Nars’ website on May 1.

Just like any other trend, certain nail styles go in and out of fashion.

Right now Sally Hansen’s nail applications are making waves in the beauty market. Praised for their no-mess application and staying power, they offer the look of nail designs for a fraction of the in-salon price.

SMU senior psychology and anthropology major Elizabeth Ball was drawn to the intricate designs on the adhesives.

“I decided to try the stick-on nails because they came in fun patterns that I knew I did not have the ability to create,” says Ball.

These designs are exactly what Gurung’s collection for Sally Hansen is about.

The adhesives will feature printed nail designs — think abstract purple floral patterns created exclusively for his runway shows that match the patterns on the clothes.

The limited edition designs will also coordinate with three Sally Hansen polish colors so you can match your manicure and pedicure.

Another trend on the nail front is non -toxic nail polish.

Butter London nail lacquers don’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP or parabens that most other nail polishes are made with.

Organic Beauty Talk  Founder and Editor–In-Chief Brandie Gilliam is such a fan of the polishes she gave them a 2011 Organic Beauty Talk Award.

For Gilliam, it’s easy to see why so many people are buying butter London. “They’re pretty and they work.  And they’re non-toxic,” she says.

The focus on nail trends makes it easy for girls on any budget to accessorize an outfit with just a few brushstrokes.  The do-it-yourself factor allows them to create or change a look without breaking the bank.

Ball emphasizes the upside of being your own manicurist. “It’s cheaper than going to the salon for a manicure,” she says.

A low-cost statement-making accessory?  So even if the economy is in the doldrums, at least we can have great-looking nails.

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Alum in the Industry: Sam Todd

By Lauren Adams

Sam Todd


Todd may meet style icons in the WWD offices or at industry events, he told me recently in an email interview. But as a 24-year-old with an entry-level career in publishing paying rent in Manhattan, he can’t afford to indulge in many designer labels.

“With that being said, my favorite brands that I wear are APC, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Barney’s Coop Line and Gant Rugger,” Todd says. “And I love vintage.

“When it comes to high-end designers, my perennial runway favorites are Elie Saab, Christian Dior and Balenciaga. But I always love to see what the newer designers are doing – Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Thakoon and Mary Katrantzou are some of my favorites.”

His most interesting “New York” moment so far?

At WWD’s 100th anniversary gala in November of 2010.

“Courtney Love showed up 15 minutes after it ended while we were packing up, and demanded to have her picture taken,”  Todd says. “Red-carpet photos only have the logos on the backdrop in the background, and they aren’t time stamped – so it didn’t matter when she got there because she still got press for the designer she was wearing that night.”

Despite his high-style job and New York lifestyle, Todd says one thing has not changed since he left SMU: His favorite fashion standby is still a good pair of jeans.

“You can get away with wearing jeans just about anywhere in New York,” he says.  It’s all in the details.

Check out Todd’s other style advice, in our Q&A.






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Q & A with Sam Todd

By Lauren Adams

Sam Todd

Sam Todd, a 2010 SMU grad, now works in advertising sales and events for the fashion-industry bible, Women’s Wear Daily.

1. Upcoming label

Billy Reid might not be “upcoming” anymore, but I really like it. I interned in their store when I first moved up to New York City, and I love how the clothes and accessories have an authentic Southern feel but maintain a really tailored, sophisticated look.

2. Favorite item of clothing

A tie between my vintage Calvin Klein double-breasted blazer or a good pair of jeans – preferably APC or Naked & Famous, and always dark.

3. Must-have fashion item for spring/summer 2012

Good sunglasses that go with everything and fit my face perfectly. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Wayfarers for a few years now, but I see them on everyone. I’ve been looking at Persols, and I’ve found a few pairs I really like.

4. Favorite fashion publication

For pure fashion, it’s definitely Vogue. It’s so iconic, and every issue features the most incredible content. I enjoy the editorial as much as I enjoy the photography. But for my personal style and men’s wear, GQ and Details are my go-to reads. And WWD, of course!

5. Blog(s) you read on a daily basis

The GQ Eye, Put This On, on Tumblr, New York Magazine (The Cut, Grub Street) and things I see on Twitter.

6.  Favorite scent

I’ve been wearing YSL L’Homme for a pretty long time, but I like to try new things every once in a while. The way that fragrance can transport you to a different place and time just from scent really amazes me. As the beauty sales assistant, I work with WWD’s beauty editorial team. I’ve become friends with the editorial assistant, and she always has a few things for me – most recently it was Viktor & Rolf’s new men’s fragrance, Spicebomb, and Voyage d’Hermes by Hermes. The Hermes is really nice for spring.

7. TV show

30 Rock. I live for that show. And I just finished the first season of Homeland, which I might have become addicted to while watching it.

8. Restaurant in Dallas

It’s been a few months since I’ve been in Dallas, so I’m sure I’m out of the loop, but one of my favorite restaurants is Tei-Tei on Henderson. We used to go all the time – the grilled artichokes are perfect. Oh, and Bubba’s. The best fried chicken on the planet.

9. Bar in Dallas

I love the Rattlesnake Bar at the Ritz. Drinks aren’t cheap, but it’s just so… Dallas. And Old Monk is great, too.

10. Most versatile piece in your closet

Good jeans – always dark, so they can transition from day to night without looking out of place anywhere.

11. One thing you could not live without

I don’t think I could handle living here [in New York] without noise-cancelling headphones and really good music on my iPhone. I’d go crazy.

12. Latest discovery/obsession

Tumblr and Instagram. It’s important to build a strong and consistent personal brand, and all of these platforms linking together almost seamlessly are really helpful. Oh, and the food in Brooklyn. It’s amazing!

13. Go-to style inspiration

People I see on the street – people watching in NYC should be an Olympic sport.

14. Last purchase

A pair of Brooks Brothers black fleece wool dress pants that I got at the Barney’s warehouse sale.

15. How would you describe your personal style?

I would say it’s fairly middle-of-the-road, but with an appropriate balance of a classic, timeless look and a more contemporary, sartorial look. You’re always on the go here, so confidence in your style and making sure you have a good foundation of basics that you can dress up or down depending on where you end up are both really essential.




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Iomoi Online Boutique

By Grace Roberts

 From stationery to glass coasters, and even shoes, online boutique iomoi has everything you need for your luxurious, modern lifestyle with tons of color and unique prints.
My favorites?
Check out these .
Go to to purchase one for yourself!
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Pastel sunnies

By Mary Holbrook


Ray-Ban RB4171 sunglasses, $110 / Photo Credit:

With pastel being a hot trend this spring, these petal pink shades are perfect for a sunny day.

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The Collection: A new fashion app for the iPad

By Mary Holbrook


NYTimes The Collection By The New York Times Company / Free

This new  is the perfect accessory for the iPad. It is a go-to resource for fashionistas, providing them with

the latest style trends and tips.


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