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By Cassie Mlynarek

While our favorite boots and high heels help us look fashion forward, they also make our feet hurt. Now, thanks to shoes designer Bernie Mev, you don’t have to suffer for fashion.

Bernie Mev has manufactured footwear for over 20 years, but now these comfortable shoes are becoming a must-have for everyday footwear. They come in an array of colors, cuts and styles, ranging from a flat to a sneaker to, yes, even a wedge. While wearing the line your feet will feel as if they’re walking on air due to Mev’s lightweight and breathable design. And did I mention the memory foam?


Bernie Mev Cuddly via Crush Footwear

Worried about cost? Most of Mev’s shoes range from $59.95 to $79.95. I purchased a pair of the Bernie Mev’s “Cuddly” shoes — a flat with a securing Mary Jane strap — and wear them to do just about everything.

If you’re looking for a shoe to travel with, look no further. The elastic in the shoes allows for ease when slipping them on and off while going through the crowded security at the airport. The shoe’s flexibility also allows for easy storage. Simply fold them up and stow them in your bag without worrying about damage.

One catch: Mev’s shoes can be incredibly hard to find. Based out of New York, Bernie Mev sells only to select retailers, and still, the shoes are flying off the shelves. But don’t give up. Nordstrom’s currently carries these comfortable creations. Or you can visit the Bernie Mev website to ask for permission to view their latest collections.

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