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Bloggers gather in New York for Fashion Week festivities

By Katie Day

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Fashion bloggers sporting black leather pants, fur coats, a few tulle tutus, and, in one young woman’s case, a large cross in the middle of her forehead, filed in to the white-walled rooms of New York’s MILK Studios.

With a larger turnout than expected, extra chairs had to be brought in, and still people were left standing in the back, anxiously awaiting the first panel of blogger and social media royalty. The four-panel event included , Cupcakes and Cashmere, Wendy’s Lookbook and many more.

My favorite panel member, fashion blogger and Twitter personality Bryan Boy, had some profound advice for fellow bloggers.

“It’s important to find your purpose,” he said.

For Bryan Boy blogging began as a way to keep up with his family and friends, but after discovering his passion for sharing his stories, he turned blogging into a career.

“Live your life and share your life to the world,” he said. “It’s the essence of blogging.”

The panelists agreed that blogging is not only the new marketing media tool, but the new resume as well. They encouraged the crowd to keep their content original and to make it an extension of the unique lives they live.

“Ask yourself, would you be interested in what you wrote?” advised DKNY PR Girl Aliza Litcht.

During breaks between the panels the stylish crowd left their seats to mingle. Cards were exchanged, outfit pictures snapped, and the click of hundreds of heels echoed through the room.

After a full day of blog-talk, attendees left with new inspiration – as well as some great SWAG bags. The following days were full of other events for the bloggers including a series of parities hosted by, a company created by SMU alum AMBER Venz.’s top bloggers were invited to a dinner featuring Jack and Laz of Proenza Schouler, and danced all night at Soho House, where DJ Connor Cruise spun songs in honor of the bloggers’ success.


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BaubleBar steals

By Katie Day


Oceaana and Phospho Necklaces

Pops of creative color are everywhere right now and what better way to partake in the trend than with a great colorful statement necklace. For quality eye-catching pieces that won’t break the bank, visit They’re the one stop shop for everything from cocktail rings, cuffs, and necklaces all organized by trend, function, and fame. These two statement necklaces, named Oceaana and Phospho, can be found here.

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Rachel Roy little white dress

By Katie Day

Rachel Roy Textured Sheath Dress

Say goodbye to the LBD wardrobe staple and hello to the new must have for the coming seasons. A little white dress can transition from a day of shopping to a date night easily by simply changing accessories. A fun shoe or statement necklace will pop on this neutral canvas.


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20 Questions: Sarah Bray

By Laura Murphy

1.     Color for spring

I have this neon pink satchel that I got for Christmas, it’s like the Cambridge satchel from England that a lot of bloggers have and I have my initials embossed in it. I got it for Christmas and it shipped from the original factory across the pond It is so bright and neon, I just love that color. It’s a feast for the eyes.


2.     Fashion designer

I wear Michael Kors the most just because it’s classic American sportswear and really sophisticated and clean. It’s just really practical.

3.     Upcoming label

Mary Katrantzou.  I just started following her and she does digital prints so it’s actually prints that come from a computer. They’re so colorful and crazy and bold.

 4.     Item of clothing

Dresses. They’re easy and I think they’re flattering.

5.     Trend for spring

Neon.  It’s crazy to see these wild colors that a couple of years ago would’ve only been appropriate at a ‘80s theme party but now they’re everywhere.

6.     Must-have fashion item for spring/summer 2012

Miu Miu Catwalk Sunglasses in tortoiseshell, I have been on the hunt for those. I want a Celine bag really bad. I’ve been dying for a Celine bag, just in like a cool cobalt blue or bright color.

7.     Fashion publication

Vogue.  I was an intern at Vogue and I just idolize all the editors there.

8.     Blog

There are a few. I love the basic blogs like The Cut and Fashionista. But then as far as street style and personal fashion blogs I like Atlantic-PacificSea of ShoesMrs. LilienInto the Gloss, and Aureta.

9.     Accessory

Shoes. Heels, even though I definitely don’t wear heels every day, I still love them.

10.  Perfume/scent

Chanel Chance

11.  TV show

I really like watching the news. I watch CNN a lot and “Nightline” and “20/20.” I’m obsessed with Oprah and I love watching her OWN Network, but only when she’s on it.

12.  Restaurant in Dallas


13.  Bar in Dallas

If I’m going to be fancy I like going to The Mansion and having a glass of wine because they have that Frank Sinatra cover singer and it’s just fabulous and cozy. If I’m being casual I guess Katy Trail Ice House or Nodding Donkey.

14.  Place for manicures and pedicures in Dallas

Since I went to SMU I literally just go to Nail Star in Snider Plaza.

15.  Makeup products

I’m a big beauty girl; I have so many beauty products.  For foundation I use Nars normally in the winter. In the summer I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I use Bobbi Brown lipstick a lot; I use Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick for blush; Dior Diorshow Mascara; Laura Mercier concealer.

16.  Latest beauty discovery/obsession

I like filling in my eyebrows sometimes… I think it kind of frames your face and makes your features really pop, but it’s not a look that I typically do during the daytime; it’s more like if I’m really trying to get done up.

17.  Most surreal fashion/work experience to date

When I went to fashion week for the first time, like this time last year. I was freelancing for a lady in Dallas who has a fashion blog and I couldn’t believe it. I got a press pass, I got invitations to amazing shows, and it was that kind of moment like ‘How did I get here?’ And interning at Vogue, that was my first national internship. I remember when I interviewed and they offered me the position to be a summer intern, it was the summer after my sophomore year at SMU.  I remember thinking ‘Oh my gosh, how did this happen?’

18.  Go-to style inspiration

It changes. I look up to a lot of editors like Taylor Tomasi Hill, and I like Alexa Chung’s style because she wears little dresses and flats. I love street style and just seeing what everyday people are wearing and looking at blogs.

19.  Last purchase

I went to Last Call and bought two Equipment blouses.

20.  How would you describe your personal style?

I think it’s always mixing really feminine with really masculine stuff.

I like dresses and makeup and pink, but then I also have boyish touches like loafers, blazers, oversized sweaters, trousers and stuff like that.




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Alumni in Fashion: Sarah Bray

By Laura Murphy

Neiman Marcus Social Media Coordinator Sarah Bray outside her apartment building in Downtown Dallas.

Earlier this month I sat down with SMU alumna Sarah Bray to talk about how her college experiences got her to where she is today: a job at Neiman Marcus as social media coordinator.

The May 2011 grad majored in convergence journalism and minored in CTV.  Throughout college Bray went back and forth between wanting to be a broadcast news journalist and fashion journalist.  “What’s great about majoring in journalism is [that] the skills that you learn, . . . you can apply to real life.  Even if journalism students are confused about what they want to do, they have skills that they can apply to so many different jobs,” says Bray.

Writing and journalism are Bray’s passion.  During her sophomore, junior and senior year, Bray worked as the fashion editor for SMU’s .  In 2009, she started a blog with then-fellow SMU student Christina Geyer called SMU Style.  Bray’s advice for students: “Intern, intern, intern!  It was my biggest gateway into my job now, and I learned so much through every different internship,” she says.  “Also, just get involved.”

I must say Bray’s résumé is quite impressive.  By the end of sophomore year, the journalism student had completed a summer internship at ENVY Magazine in Dallas; an internship at PaperCity Magazine in Houston over Christmas break; and a spring semester internship at PaperCity’s Dallas office.

Bray’s next goal was to land an internship in New York.  Hungry for fashion, Bray took it upon herself to e-mail her résumé to the editors of every top magazine in hopes of getting a response from someone.  She heard back from all of them.  “I could only miss class for one day so I flew [to New York] after I took my com law midterm and that Friday I had an interview at Teen Vogue, W, Elle, Vogue, [and] Harper’s.  I just went back-to-back,” says Bray.  Vogue offered her a summer internship on the spot.  “It was such an educational experience.  I learned first-hand about how the fashion industry works, from the PR reps to the showrooms to the designers.  I was just a sponge absorbing what everyone was doing.  It was the base of my fashion education,” Bray says of her experience as an accessories intern at Vogue.

Bray knew she would return to New York the next summer to intern again, but wasn’t sure where yet.  She applied to be an intern at The New York Times.  “I heard back from the guy who was hiring… and then I e-mailed him back like 10 other times… I said, ‘I’m coming next week,’ ‘I’m coming tomorrow,’ and he never responded.”  Bray went to New York anyways for some other interviews at a few different places.  While she was in town, she decided to give the guy at The New York Times a call.  “I literally just called him on the street and was like, ‘Hey, I’m only here today.  I know this is really weird, [but] is there any way I could just come by and introduce myself?’”  He said ok and gave her the address.  That summer, Bray worked as an editorial intern for The New York Times Style Magazine.

Still unsure about which journalism path to follow, Bray interned at The CW in Dallas during the last semester of her senior year to get a taste of broadcast journalism.  It was then that she decided fashion journalism was the right route for her.

As the social media coordinator for Neiman Marcus, Bray writes for the company’s blog, NMdaily.  She interviews designers, writes about new products, edits videos for the , does social media for Last Call and writes  posts and statuses for Neiman Marcus, among many other tasks.

“It’s so fun to see what people write when you pick different products and write different things… You’re work is instantly critiqued,” Bray says of working in social media.

To learn more about Sarah Bray, check out my Q&A with the fashionista and the top five things on her radar.



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On Her Radar: Sarah Bray

By Laura Murphy

5 Things On Her Radar:

1. Haul videos

2. Yellow nails, if they’re not chipped

3. Sock buns

4. A new handbag – Givenchy, Proenza Schouler PS1, or Celine

5. Cool antiques for her loft downtown

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Pinning Your Way To Your Big Day

By Mary Holbrook


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Alex Turner in AnOther Man Spring/Summer 2013

“Allow me to get right to the point. After careful consideration, I have decided that this is the year I am getting married.”
– Charlotte York from Sex and The City (She better start pinning!)

When a close friend first told me about the new up-and-coming Internet fad , I immediately promised myself that I would not be turning to the world of pinning. But here I am today, spending hours scrolling up and down my screen, drooling over shoes I’d DIE for or a necklace I HAVE to have. One click of a button and those fabulous accessories are virtually mine! Trust me, it’s addicting.

Pinterest is the new hot trend in social media.  It is a way to organize, share and save your ideas, inspirations and photos on a virtual pin board. It is an online scrapbook that saves time, energy and a lot of cutting and gluing.

Says Courtney Broms, senior business major at SMU, “I love Pinterest! I just planned my sister’s baby shower and got a lot of my ideas from there!” Today, women of all ages are commonly using the boards for health tips, style ideas, party planning and, especially, weddings.

Natalie Tippett, a former SMU student, was recently asked one of the biggest questions in a girl’s life. She found her Pinterest hobby came in handy while planning her wedding, “I started a Pinterest after my engagement, and I used it a lot for finding ideas for my dress as well as centerpieces and flowers for the wedding that I love.”

However, as I scroll through the Pinterest home page and see my 18-year-old sister’s friends pinning 14K princess cut halo diamond Tiffany engagement rings and six-tiered alternating vanilla almond and rum butter wedding cakes onto their “Here Comes the Bride” wedding boards, I begin to wonder: Is it that these high-schoolers are seriously thinking about marriage? Or are they pinning Vera Wang because it’s pretty? I have encountered two opposing views on this question.

On one hand some may think it’s absurd that teenage girls are already thinking AND scrapbooking wedding ideas. Sure, many girls dream about their wedding day while in grade school, playing dress up or Barbie, but that’s all pretend. Some may wonder if collage-age girls picking out tablescapes, wedding favors, and bridesmaid dresses is necessary. Is Pinterest suggesting that girls jump on the bandwagon and head down the aisle in Oscar ASAP?

On the other hand, a wedding is a huge milestone, so why not start the pinning and planning early to ensure that it is the most magical night of your life? After all, it’s not as if we don’t surf TV channels and come across shows based solely on wedding gowns, wedding cakes or weddings in general on a daily basis.

Even in the grocery store we see more wedding-themed magazines than any other magazine on the shelf. Senior SMU advertising major Katie Simpson says, “Although I am not exactly in the market to get married, it’s still fun to gather ideas. Most of the time I pin photos of dresses, venues and DIY projects.”

Lets keep it simple. In retrospect, Pinterest is easy, fun and addictive. It provides a way for all fashion fans to reflect their personal style while also sharing inspiration and tips. It keeps you organized and up-to-date on fads.  And when a woman’s wedding day does arrive, Pinterest can help her create her personal vision of how this memorable, special day should look and be.  I mean has anyone considered the reason Kim and Kris divorced? I doubt she planned her wedding through Pinterest.

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The Look of Love

By Shelby Foster
No matter what your plans are this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the Hallmark holiday in style with these three looks.

Dash out for cosmos with your girlfriends this Tuesday and live-it-up in a chic all-black ensemble.
Add a pop of color with a structured fuchsia handbag and toast the single life.
Theory pleated dress, Donna Karan tights, TopShop shoes, Mulberry bag
Or will you be curled up on the couch with your man and a romantic movie? Keep it cute and comfy with a Wildfox Couture heart-emblazoned sweatshirt and
If a hot date with your beau is on your agenda, put on the one color no guy can resist: fiery red. Pair with sultry Louboutin peep-toe pumps and flirty gold earrings — you’ll have him hooked by dessert.
Haute Hippie dress, Christian Louboutin pumps, Tory Burch clutch,
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Kira Plastinina: From Russia with Love – for Fashion

By Hillary Hirschfeld

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It’s Friday afternoon.  Most SMU students are finishing classes and getting ready for all the Super Bowl weekend has in store. Not sophomore Kira Plastinina. She’s packing her bags, getting ready to casually jet off to her hometown of Moscow for the week.

While Plastinina travels to Moscow around four times per semester, this trip is special.  She has put a week of school aside to celebrate the five-year anniversary of her own fashion company: Kira Plastinina. If that excuse doesn’t fly with her professors, I don’t know many that will.

Fortunately for me, Plastinina was able to squeeze an interview into her forever-busy schedule before heading to the airport. Dressed in black ripped jeans (which she customized herself, of course) and an oversized knit beige sweater with the word “LOVE” boldly embossed across the front and holding a light pink Stella McCartney ‘Falabella’ purse — Plastinina is clearly a true fashionista, even on her way to the airport.

Plastinina makes comfy look cool and style look effortless, and the more I talked to her, the more I realized that her personal edgy, yet laid-back feminine style is exactly what’s reflected through her brand.

“Time flies so fast!” the 19-year-old fashion designer exclaims, about celebrating the opening of her first store exactly five years ago. No need to double-check your math. It may be hard to believe, but yes, at the impressive age of 14, Plastinina managed to set up shop in Moscow.

Fashion seems to have interested Plastinina for as long as she can remember.  She recalls first honing her skills by designing various outfits for her dog at the age of 7. But by 2007, with Plastinina as the designer and her supportive and encouraging parents as her business partners, “Kira Plastinina” the brand was born.

Plastinina currently has two lines. The first, “Kira Plastinina,” she describes as a line for girls her age, girls whose style tastes are similar to her own. “I never let anything be in the store that I would not love and want to wear myself,” she says.  “I feel like that would be unfair to the girls that like what I do.”

Her second brand, “LUBLU Kira Plastinina,” is what she presents at fashion shows. She describes this line as a contemporary fashion brand, one that is more luxury and targeted toward a different, more sophisticated audience. The word “lublu” means “I love” in Russian. The inspiration behind the name is her love for her work and all that she does.

“I feel like it is very important that there is love in everyone’s life,” says Plastinina, “and it can be any kind of love, but it is important because it brings inspiration.”

One obvious question that arises when tracing Plastinina’s success is, of course, “Why college?” and, more importantly, “Why SMU?” Plastinina’s answer is simple:  “I think it is very important to have a higher education regardless of if you already have work,” she says. “This might sound nerdy, but I love learning new things.”

Plastinina came to SMU to experience something different, something new – and was not disappointed.  She says she loves Dallas. Design school wasn’t an option for her, explaining her theory that “you get the best knowledge actually doing something, through experience.” By the time she was a freshman, Plastinina had already spent four years – the time it takes most people to graduate from college – working as a fashion designer.

Although commuting between Dallas and Moscow isn’t easy, especially while keeping up with school, Plastinina doesn’t allow distance to become a dilemma. “A lot of traveling, a lot of Skype and emailing, but I make it work. I plan in advance and plan to do a lot in a condensed period of time,” says the designer. This often involves working from early in the morning to late at night, but Plastinina’s passion and determination keep her going.

Somehow Plastinina has also managed to squeeze a social life into her packed schedule. For instance, she is active in a sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.  Sorority sister and close friend, Paige Parker, describes Plastinina as “humble, charismatic and genuine.” Parker adds, “She pursues her fashion career because that’s what she loves to do and doesn’t talk about it unless you ask her about it.”

Now in her second year at SMU, Plastinina is undecided on a major, but she is taking classes in the Meadows School of the Arts, while minoring in French. “I feel like knowing French is really important for people in the fashion world because Paris is one of the biggest capitals of fashion,” she says.

Whatever degree Plastinina decides to pursue, one thing is for sure — she will continue working on her line after she graduates.

For more information on Kira Plastinina and her brand, visit:

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Alice + Olivia Peplum Skirt

By Laura Murphy


Carly Short Peplum Skirt by Alice + Olivia, $198.

The peplum is this season’s must-have item.

The figure-enhancing flare lends a feminine touch to the everyday pencil skirt.


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