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lazy girl’s guide to creating naturally beautiful hair styles

by Amelia Ambrose

tangled1I’m not sure about you, but my hair is a piece of work. I was not one of those lucky girls who was blessed with perfectly natural straight hair or one that wakes up and the natural waviness is perfection. Nope, for me it’s as follows: a long, thick, dirty blonde (usually dirty) wavy mess. No matter what, it’s tangled and it’s very scary to put a brush through-so I usually don’t. Yes, this could be laziness or simply fear of pulling out half of my mane, but when it comes to styling this mess, I have a few pointers for what to do/NOT do if your hair is some kind-of-crazy like mine.


  1. Don’t shower the night before, especially if it’s way late. You will most likely fall asleep with you hair sopping wet and wake up with 100 kinks and waves that make you look like a wild animal
  2. Don’t put styling cream in your hair if it’s mostly dry. Knowing you, this will make it look extra greasy and dirty for class. Which would be very depressing because it was a day when you were going for the “trying but not trying too hard look”
  3. Use dry shampoo very carefully—applying too much can have you looking like you are graying at a young age
  4. Braids and headbands are your friends. BUT switch up the types of braids and wear different headbands so people don’t think you haven’t changed in days
  5. No matter what, act as though your hair looks really good. Your friends will see your confidence and think that your have discovered a new hair trend


It’s one thing to blow-dry your hair out and then styling it becomes easy, you could do it with your eyes closed. But on these days where you wake up late and showered the night (or a few days) before, things become difficult. Be mindful of these no-no’s and remember there is (probably) someone out there with worse hair than you. tangled2


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trendy diets are now in restaurants

by Naomi Bowen

photo taken at HG Sply Co. in Dallas

photo taken at HG Sply Co. in Dallas

Over the past year, Dallas restaurants have gone from highlighting trendy dishes like tacos and burgers to focusing on food that is both healthful and delicious.

While some restaurants have opened to meet the dictates of specific diets like The Paleo Diet and anti-inflammatory diets, many mainstream restaurants are also adapting their current menus to include more healthful options.

Notes Leslie Brenner, restaurant critic for The Dallas Morning News: “Even in ‘cheffy’ restaurants, you’re seeing way more vegetables on the plates, way less butter, less heavy stuff. There’s been a big change in the dining scene in general, not just when a restaurant sells themselves that way.”

Many major chains like Applebee’s and Chili’s are also displaying lower-calorie options, to allow people the option of eating healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity in Texas has dropped 2.5 percent since 2011. Brenner says she thinks health-focused restaurants, like True Food Kitchen and HG Sply Co., show a change in how people are living and eating.  “If you go to both of these restaurants, they’re always packed. I think there’s a tremendous hunger for food that’s more healthful in Dallas,” Brenner says.

True Food Kitchen, the new Dallas hot spot that caters to the anti-inflammatory diet, has been consistently packed since it opened in Preston Center last November. Physician Andrew Weil, the founder of the diet, helped create the menu for this chain, which started in Colorado and also has a popular branch in Los Angeles.

anti-inflammatory-food-pyramidThe anti-inflammatory diet focuses on creating balanced nutrition — based on scientific knowledge of how specific foods help your body maintain optimum health — not just losing weight. “I think that we are catching up in Dallas with other parts of the country. Dallas is not the only place catching up, a lot of the heartland and the South are catching up, too,” Brenner says.

Rachel Fine, a certified personal trainer who provides dietary guidance, says she follows the anti-inflammatory diet and encourages her clients to as well.  “I already ate this way before I learned about it, which I think goes to show how much it just makes sense,” Fine says. “The main things to avoid are refined sugar, flour, starches, full fat dairy, and red/fatty meat. It’s not that hard, and it has a lot of healthy benefits beside weight loss like healthier skin, joints, and internal organs.”

In contrast, the Paleo Diet is built around “eating like a caveman” and getting your energy from meat. The diet excludes all grains, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, beans, salt, and processed foods. According to founder Loren Cordain, the Paleo Diet allows for three non-Paleo meals a week.

Health care professionals, however, are not sure how healthful this diet actually is. “The diet requires you to get your protein from meat, and guys always love an excuse to eat red meat, which is not good for the heart,” Fine says. “Cavemen did not eat every day. Everyone I have ever met who did the Paleo Diet eats every day.”

SMU senior Brianna McIntyre, who has been on and off the Paleo Diet for the past three years at varying intensities, said she felt her energy go up once she cut out grains, sugar, and high-fat dairy. “The longer I was on it the clearer my head felt,” Mcintyre says. “The mental fog was gone, and I didn’t feel drained or tired.”

McIntyre says her motivation to go on The Paleo Diet was not about weight loss but simply a desire to eat better. “I started snacking on nuts during the day, and I actually gained weight when I was being really strict Paleo,” Mcintyre says.

Brenner thinks that once people adopt these diets that advocate for moderation and a focus on fresh produce they’ll stick with them. “If you’re eating a certain way at home and you go to a restaurant and you’re clobbered with meat and cheese and starch, it just doesn’t feel good,” Brenner says. “This isn’t trendy. People are getting smarter about what they eat.”

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fashion forward campus: the trend of brand reps

by Virginia Boswell

Students congregate on the expansive boulevard around the “flagpole” at Southern Methodist University most days of the week.

Members of campus clubs and greek houses sit at folding tables, promoting upcoming meetings and philanthropy events, while students stop by food trucks parked nearby on their way to class.

In recent years, however, one group has become a much more common sight at the flagpole: campus representatives for major fashion brands. On campuses across the U.S., fashion labels, online stores, and public relations companies have turned to college-aged women as part of a marketing strategy. At SMU, lines from the more budget friendly ASOS to the higher end Jay Godfrey have jumped on the bandwagon.

asos smu

The Job

Some campus brand reps receive internship credit.  They are rarely paid although some girls may receive gift cards or promo codes as compensation.

“I initially became a campus rep to fulfill a college credit, but it is a fun way to get involved on campus,” says former Jay Godfrey rep Morgan Staub.

The most important part of the job for any campus rep is heading up her brand’s social media campaign.  Each rep is given a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account to help her represent the brand on campus. The more followers, likes, and retweets a rep gets, the more she boosts web activity for her brand.

Most fashion lines expect their college reps to post on social media a certain number of times per week and steadily increase followers and activity. But reps must do more then get the word out. They must give students an incentive to follow their social media accounts or visit the company website to purchase merchandise.

Meet the Reps 

SMU ASOS brand reps

SMU ASOS brand reps

SMU senior Ashley Gross, a rep for ASOS says, “At ASOS they motivate us to work hard for the brand by giving us extra cash for successful events and posts.  It is very structured and much more like a part-time job.”

SMU junior Shannon Lindee, also a campus rep for ASOS, says that this form of marketing works. “I think campus reps are a good way to get students to interact with your brand or company especially if they have never heard of it before,” she says. “With ASOS their target audience are around college student age, so we are who they want to reach out to.”

Brands have figured out that using college-aged reps to reach out to college-aged  consumers is a logical marketing strategy. “Seeing ASOS gear relevant to things going on on campus such as formals, spring break, and study sessions helps college customers think of ASOS when shopping, ” says Gross.

Brands on Campus

ASOS, the most active brand on campus, currently has three reps working to spread the word about the massive online shop that sells both designer and affordable merchandise. The reps put on creative events and trunk shows to attract students as well as offer student discounts, making the site more college friendly.

jay godfreyAnother way brands promote their lines is through contests. Jay Godfrey has had a presence at SMU for several years, and has annually held a Personal Style Contest where one girl from each sorority on campus styles the same dress in a unique way. Pictures are uploaded to Facebook and winners are chosen by how many “likes” they get. This gets sororities involved with the brand through competitive social media sharing. Jay Godfrey has reps at fewer campuses than brands like ASOS, because they are higher-end. By targeting specifically sororities on campus, the brand has a better chance of selling merchandise.

Emilie Tollison, the head of social media for Jay Godfrey in New York, is responsible for choosing and leading campus reps on all nine campuses where the brand has a presence. She contacts teams to set up events like the Personal Style Contest and collaborates with reps about the best times for each campus to do an annual trunk show so students can enjoy shopping without leaving campus.

campus repAnother company that has a unique presence on campuses is Rent the Runway. Their reps hold trunk shows that give girls the opportunity to try on dresses they can then rent for formals and events held each semester. Reps also keep dresses for girls to rent in person whenever they like. This unique process provides RTR with an easier route to its customers by letting students skip the process of online ordering and shipping.

All three of these brands have large college followings not only at SMU, but on campuses all over the country. Their marketing tactics to promote the brand, gain more web activity, and get students involved relies on the campus reps who use knowledge of what their peers respond to to promote the brand. Focusing on the fashion forwardness of college students, these brands have found, may be the best way to enhance their social media presence on campus.

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Spray Your Way Tan

By Ruthie Burst


Summer is right around the corner and we’re all eager to get a bronzed glow.  But, we know that sun exposure is one of the most damaging things for our skin.

Look at it this way – do you really want to build up a tan that will only last about four months but can severely damage your skin by deepening wrinkles and leaving age marks for the rest of your life?

To me, the answer is obvious – NO.

Too much sun exposure can lead to various types of skin damage such as fine and coarse wrinkles, freckles, discolored spots known as mottled pigmentation, age spots known as solar lentigines, aged skin known as solar elastosis, and skin cancer.

“The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage the cells of the skin potentially leading to skin cancer,” said Arthi Krishnan, a general physician at the SMU Health Center.  “Over time, repeated exposure to UV radiation without sunscreen can weaken the skin’s elasticity and result in sagging cheeks, deeper facial wrinkles, and skin discoloration later in life.”

So, you might ask – how can I get a bronzed look without damaging my skin?  The answer – use a sunless tanning product.

The sunless tanning industry has developed enormously over the past few years, partly because of the stress doctors put on skin protection.

My favorite sunless tanning product is South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist.  Talk about a sun-kissed glow!  I discovered this product about a year ago, and have been using it once or twice every week since.

The spray is easy to apply, smells like coconut, and is completely streak free.  For best results when applying self-tanners you should prep your skin properly by exfoliating.  Then all you do is hold the spray can 12 inches away from your skin and apply the product in a circular motion.  It dries within 7 to 10 minutes and does not leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky.  The manufacturer recommends leaving the product on for at least a couple hours before rinsing it off.

I love this product because you are in control of how dark your tan gets.  You can apply a light layer for just a little color or you can add a few layers to look like you just got back from a beach vacation.  This product is a must have.  South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist is only $24 and lasts for at least 15 uses.

Below is a list of four other premium sunless tanning products highly recommended by Elle Magazine and online sunless tanning reviews.

  • Tarte Brazilliance Self Tanner is great for dry skin, reviewers say.  It’s made of oils such as maracuja and sunflower seed that hydrate the skin.  The manufacturer recommends using the mitt that comes with the product when applying to the face and body to avoid streaks.  After just four hours, the skin will look tan without leaving an orange tint.  $37 Sephora.com
  • Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel reportedly dries instantly and is perfect for the girl on the go.  The gel is thin and lightweight and can be easily applied like lotion to the face and body.  After just two hours, the skin will look tan.  $36 Sephora.com
  • St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is infused with aloe vera.  According to manufacturers, it’s hydrating and feels refreshing on the skin.  This product includes a mitt when purchased that is suggested for use when applying the product.  This lightweight velvety mousse delivers a golden tan.  Also, one of its biggest perks is that it’s scent free.  $42 StTropezTan.com
  • Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel is ideal for those wanting to shimmer.  Xen-Tan is a Dallas-based company that prides itself on having the best formulas in the industry.  This gel contains light-reflecting glitter particles that add a gleam to the skin.  The product’s color deepens throughout the day and results in a healthy, luminous, golden tan.  This product has a light tropical scent.  $35 Xen-Tan.com

If you’re worried about applying sunless tanning products evenly, a popular alternative is to get a spray tan.  Spray tans can last up to two weeks if taken care of properly.

“I have been getting spray tans since high school,” said Liz Damoc, a 22-year-old SMU student.  “I do not want to get skin cancer or damage my skin.  I have really fair skin and my grandma had skin cancer so I have become very conscious about sun protection.”

Damoc schedules appointments with Claudia Rotariu, an aesthetician and founder of GlowbyClaudia at Armani Salon in Dallas, because she prefers getting airbrush spray tans.   Airbrush spray tans are customized to each client based on the client’s skin tone and level of tan he or she wants.

“Who wouldn’t love to glow?” said Rotariu.  “The amount of pain, time, and money that we invest in the future to fix all the sun damage that comes with tanning.  It’s simply not a smart choice — not for a 21st century woman.”


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sole society alessandra bag

Michelle Hammond

It’s never easy for me to find a work/school bag. While I always want it to be cute, I never want to invest too much in it because at the end of the day, it’s lugged around everywhere and more often than not, set down on the floor.

top pick bagWhen I came across Sole Society’s oversized Alessandra tote bag, all my problems were solved. The bag is made out of vegan leather and has a casual, effortless feel to it. It’s a great bag because it looks nice, it’s spacious, it’s comfortable to carry and it’s affordable ($69.95, not bad in the land of purses).

Plus, it’s a bag that can easily transition from being a workbag, to a travel bag or even just a purse. It comes in three neutral colors that you can use throughout every season, too. I have mine in mahogany and I could not be happier with it.

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pevonia botanica ligne soleil

Ruthie Burst

Looking for a fabulous and refreshing face product?

Pevonia Botanica Ligne Soleil phyto-aromatic mist is a soothing face spray suggested for use after sun exposure, but can be used at any time to restore moisture.


This product can also be used to ensure longer lasting makeup.  It sets the makeup and moisturizes the face at the same time.

The mist restores the skin’s natural oils and allows the face to glow.  It’s reviving and makes the skin look healthy.

Also, it can be used on all skin types.  It doesn’t clog pores or feel heavy on the face.  It is a light spray that is thin and uplifting.

This spray can be used multiple times throughout the day – in the morning after applying makeup, in the afternoon to feel re-energized, and at night to glow.


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rock the crop

Michelle Hammond

While they are certainly nothing new to the fashion scene (nothing ever really is, is it?) there is no denying crop tops are up there on the list of this season’s spring must haves. With the recent return of the high-waisted skirt though, the crop top’s comeback should come as no surprise.

crop top

Photo via style.mtv.com


Slowly but surely, this small piece of clothing has gone from being 90s girl band attire to gracing the runway of designers like Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Chanel House of Holland and many more. Naturally, it has trickled down to some of the more accessible stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. What we may have once deemed tacky, uncool and even unflattering is back and apparently cooler and classier than ever. What better way to welcome the warm weather than by showing off some of that soon-to-be sun kissed skin, right? I still can’t decide if I’m for them or against them but all I can say is: wear them wisely. There is a vast difference between an undergarment and a top. That being said, rock that crop ladies!

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style for your iPhone

by Jenna Veldhuis, Elle Finney, Grace Merck

/ /

We’ve come to a time where now everything we touch has a design to it, even our technology.  Our phone has become like our third hand, so why shouldn’t it reflect our personal style?

From animal prints to colors in funky patterns, people aren’t afraid to express themselves through their tech accessories.

Not only does a case protect your phone, but it’s an accessory you’ll use all day every day.  Most of our generation uses the iPhone. Rather than all sporting the same generic look, our iPhones should have cases with style, since everyone knows a cracked iPhone is never a good look.

An iPhone without a case is like a girl without sunglasses at the beach, it’s neither functional nor fashionable.


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Swimsuit trends: Itsy Bitsy

By Ruthie Burst and Courtney Schellin


Photo from Google images

Photo from Google images

Sun’s out, buns out…literally!

After many SMU students flocked to beach weather for spring break there was one trend that was nearly impossible to miss. When it comes to swimsuits, the tinier, the better.

It seems from generation to generation, swimsuit cuts are constantly changing, and the  styles are becoming smaller and smaller by the season.  Specifically swimsuit bottoms, which are looking more like thongs these days.

With less and less fabric becoming the hottest trend hitting the beach, it doesn’t necessarily mean less and less options. Despite less material and coverage, swimsuit designers are creating even more creative designs than ever before.

Swimsuit lines including Acacia, Victoria’s Secret and Montce are just some of the few who have come out with teeny bikinis being seen all over beaches.

From crochet and cut outs, the classic cut of the popular one-piece during the nineties has changed so drastically now that it does not look like a one-piece at all.

And the patterns. Oh, the patterns.  The sky is the limit. Whether you’re someone who opts for plain colors to mix and match or incredibly vivid color prints, there’s bound to be an option for you.

As for accents, leather, bows, strings and chains are just some of the few pieces being added to swimsuits to distinguish themselves from the rest. L Space and Lolli swimwear are just some of the few sporting these trends.

Disclaimer: While these bikini bottoms might help us all avoid drastic tan lines, they should be worn by only the fittest, and bravest, among us.

Ladies — if you look like Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel,  you’re an exception to this rule.  Victoria’s Secret models flaunt these trends because they have the bodies to do so.

But let’s be honest – most girls shouldn’t wear these bottoms in public.  What’s being labeled as “itsy” reveals way too much.

In fact, itsy bitsy bikini bottoms may actually draw negative attention to the bums of most average-sized girls.

So next time you’re on the hunt for a sexy new swimsuit, be sure to think about just how much you’re willing to reveal. If you dare to bare, don’t be afraid to turn up the heat and grab yourself a teeny bikini to rock on the beach, because with all these options available, there’s never been a better time to buy a swimsuit. Remember: You don’t have to follow every trend to be stylish.

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life is short. heels shouldn’t be.

by Elle Finney

After putting an immense amount of energy into being a tomboy for the majority of my childhood, everything changed when I found a pink, bedazzled, pointed-toe flat from DSW (yes, they were as ugly as they sound) that made me realize there was more to life than being a mediocre soccer player. Now, I wish I could include “shoe connoisseur” under the “Skills” section of my resume, but then I realize that’s not a quality worth hiring for… although it should be.

I try not to pick favorites when it comes to shoes, but as a college student practicality and comfort are essential. Give me a wedge and a platform and I’m good to go. The platform dominated the heel market for the past two years, but unfortunately a much less secure shoe is slowly replacing the platform.

Sandals and pumps without the extra quarter-inch cushion are gracing runways and streets everywhere.  These shoes are much more ornate than they have been in the past. Without the chunkiness of the platform, the elaborate shoes still manage to be demure and elegant.


Aquazzua‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Some are strappy, some have laser cutouts, but overall they’re immaculate forms of artwork. As excited as I am to incorporate these shoes into my wardrobe, I’m not sure if my feet and ankles are as thrilled.

There was something about that extra oomph that made me feel more supported. There’s a buffer between you and the ground, and you don’t feel every nook and cranny that you wobble on.

The platform will not go extinct but lately, the prettier the shoe the more uncomfortable it is. As someone who can’t go anywhere without a heel, I feel like there will be much more “heel training” coming my way as this trend carries on. Hopefully you will glide into this trend much more gracefully than I have.

Remember: “Life is short. Heels shouldn’t be.” – Brian Atwood

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