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The season’s hot hair trend: Wet head?

By Dulaney Miller

A top hair hair trend for 2013 is leaving many style watchers a little puzzled.

This new look, which was being rocked on the runway throughout New York Fashion Week, can best be described as high-shine drama.  But fashion articles and blogs suggest it is intended to create the illusion that you just stepped out from under a waterfall.

Yes, designers are loving this look for their 2013 showcases.  Prada, for example, displayed the “just ran out the door with wet hair” look on the runway, and it has also been seen in shows hosted by Gucci, Lanvin, Louie Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Rag + Bone, Roberto Cavalli and Jil Sanders.  Can’t help but wonder if the wet-hair phenomenon is intentional — or if the fire alarm sprinklers went of back stage.

On the runway, with couture clothing, sleek, shiny hair may look fabulous and hydrated.  With the right outfit and the right hairdresser, the shine-drenched look can transform a model into a sleek, powerful woman.

But does this hair trend translate to the streets of Dallas?  At the upscale Dallas salon Osgood O’Neil, the shelves have been stocked with hair products that create this ultra saturated/caught-in-the-rain look.  But according to Osgood O’Neil color stylist Damian Valverde, they are staying there.  As Valverde quipped, while it’s fine to sleep with a moisture treatment in your hair, you don’t want to look as if you forgot to wash it out.


Photo: Rag + Bone. Fall 2013 Fashion Week.

Of course, going over the top, using too much product to create a look that gives the illusion of being wet — this, unfortunately, occurred on one too many runways this year, making models look as though they lacked proper hygiene. There is a difference between lying on the beach with a sleek and slick ponytail and sporting your Missoni bikini with hair that says: “Oops, I spilled the tanning oil. All over my head.”

Dallasite and former model Adrienne Totoro says that while she appreciates “the super-sleekness [of shine-drenched] hair during a fashion show or [while] flipping through the newest Vogue,” she wouldn’t want to see her girlfriends rocking this look over drinks.

DM2Photo: Groomed and Glossy web. Get The Look, Shine Drenched Hair

Quick tutorials (see above) on how to achieve the look seem to rely primarily on oil-based products.  So this leaves you with the ultimate decision: Get your wallet and grab Bumble & Bumble’s Let it Shine shampoo, Redken’s Diamond hair oil and a bottle of Amargan Oil. Or have your water service discontinued until the next hair trend comes along.

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Infinite Looping with Love

By: Lexie Hammesfahr

For the non-creative, the concept of selling something handmade might seem foreign. Who but your mother would ever want all those art projects from middle school? (I know mine wouldn’t.)

But for Justine McGregor, this concept is pretty normal. Her handmade items have been selling well, in fact, well enough to grow into a business.

Loop with Love was born because of McGregor’s frustration with the ever-popular elastic hair ties that promise to never leave a crease in your hair.

“I have always bought these kinds of ties at boutiques that I shopped at, but I noticed that they always frayed and started looking grungy,” the 20-year-old says.

“I just located the material and made my own, and of course, I burnt the edges so they wouldn’t fray.”

The SMU sophomore started making hair ties with her best friend during her junior year of high school. But McGregor didn’t found Loop until the second semester of her freshman year of college.

“I actually came up with the logo first because I love the infinity symbol, particularly in the context of infinite love,” she says. “Because the line of the symbol loops like hair ties do, I thought it would be a perfect name.”

As McGregor started creating and wearing the ties, people began asking where she bought them. She literally sold them off her wrists in the beginning.

Besides burnt edges, McGregor’s ties offer another difference that catches the consumer’s eye: They are customized with charms.

“I thought that because people usually put them on their wrists when they weren’t in their hair, there had to be a way to make them more ‘jewelryesque,’” she says. “The charms looked best and didn’t get tangled in hair at all!”

McGregor estimates that she sold a few thousand homemade hair ties annually when she started selling them individually. But with the influx of orders, she now sells her ties in packs of five.

Durig McGregor’s years at SMU, Loop ties have become popular on campus.  “I really like them because they hold their shape a lot better than the other ones. They aren’t tight on your wrist,” says SMU sophomore Kate Roberts.

Sophomore Dale Potts likes the ease of buying Loop ties in packs, while sophomore Caroline Maples says she likes the ties because they’re both fun and functional. “They stay in my hair whether I’m studying or running.”

McGregor, of course, loves all her creations, but she admits to a favorite “child.”  “I love the pastel set because pale colors are my favorite,” she says. “That one comes with the evil eye charm that supposedly protects you, which is always good.”

The neon loops are the most popular of McGregor’s creations. “They are also great for when you want to add just a touch of trendiness to your look without going overboard,” she says.

But after starting a business at such a young age, what will come next for this young entrepreneur?

“I guess I will see where it (Loops) takes me, but hopefully . . .  moving on to bigger things,” she says. “I have a knack for always trying to do the next best thing whether it’s in the hair-tie business or maybe clothing one day.”

McGregor’s parents have also supported Loop because of the opportunities that come with running a business. Her mom even enjoys helping out: “My mom loves to come with me to pick out the charms and colors for the sets, and I love her input.”

McGregor’s creations are currently sold at several Los Angeles boutiques and fitness centers. Though they aren’t sold in Dallas yet, you can always find them online here.

The regular Loop sets sell for $15, the Single Neon Loops are $10, and the Triple Neon Set is $25 and is available through PayPal.


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Rachel Zoe’s New Show

Caroline Hafner

Rachel Zoe, one of my favorite entrepreneurs to follow, seems to have conquered it all; from a successful styling business to a clothing line – not to mention a reality TV show and complete celebrity status. What more could she possibly accomplish?

Well, it seems that Ms. Zoe has a new project under way, and it’s something we never saw coming. She and her husband, Rodger Berman, are developing another television show. Another one? With The Rachel Zoe Project entering its fifth season?

Yes, that’s right.  The new program will also be all about Ms. Zoe’s fabulous life, but instead of reality TV, this one will be scripted.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has picked up the half-hour comedy. The new mom will not be starring, so I can’t wait to hear who has been chosen to play our favorite fashionista.

Photo Courtesy: Huffington Post

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A Wardrobe staple gets a reboot

By Lexie Hammesfahr

They’ve been around for awhile. They’re a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe. The knee-high boot is a classic style that can be worn with practically anything — shorts, leggings, stockings, tights, jeggings, jeans, even a short skirt. While they’re usually worn in jodhpur-equestrian style, this year it’s all about bare legs and new styles.

From Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2012

I’m talking cutaway boots, gaiters and lace-ups. There are also furry and metal-tipped knee-high styles that have taken over the runway for fall 2012.

Personally, the cutaway boots’ gladiator look kind of freaks me out. But hey, to each her own, right?  I’ve always loved the gaiters – and actually own last year’s Chanel gaiters — but would LOVE to invest in some furry knee-highs for that Super Cold Weather we experience in Dallas each year.

But whatever your taste in boots, this year there’s a style to suit you. Have fun picking out a pair (I know I couldn’t pick out just one)!

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Q & A with Sam Todd

By Lauren Adams

Sam Todd

Sam Todd, a 2010 SMU grad, now works in advertising sales and events for the fashion-industry bible, Women’s Wear Daily.

1. Upcoming label

Billy Reid might not be “upcoming” anymore, but I really like it. I interned in their store when I first moved up to New York City, and I love how the clothes and accessories have an authentic Southern feel but maintain a really tailored, sophisticated look.

2. Favorite item of clothing

A tie between my vintage Calvin Klein double-breasted blazer or a good pair of jeans – preferably APC or Naked & Famous, and always dark.

3. Must-have fashion item for spring/summer 2012

Good sunglasses that go with everything and fit my face perfectly. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Wayfarers for a few years now, but I see them on everyone. I’ve been looking at Persols, and I’ve found a few pairs I really like.

4. Favorite fashion publication

For pure fashion, it’s definitely Vogue. It’s so iconic, and every issue features the most incredible content. I enjoy the editorial as much as I enjoy the photography. But for my personal style and men’s wear, GQ and Details are my go-to reads. And WWD, of course!

5. Blog(s) you read on a daily basis

The GQ Eye, Put This On, on Tumblr, New York Magazine (The Cut, Grub Street) and things I see on Twitter.

6.  Favorite scent

I’ve been wearing YSL L’Homme for a pretty long time, but I like to try new things every once in a while. The way that fragrance can transport you to a different place and time just from scent really amazes me. As the beauty sales assistant, I work with WWD’s beauty editorial team. I’ve become friends with the editorial assistant, and she always has a few things for me – most recently it was Viktor & Rolf’s new men’s fragrance, Spicebomb, and Voyage d’Hermes by Hermes. The Hermes is really nice for spring.

7. TV show

30 Rock. I live for that show. And I just finished the first season of Homeland, which I might have become addicted to while watching it.

8. Restaurant in Dallas

It’s been a few months since I’ve been in Dallas, so I’m sure I’m out of the loop, but one of my favorite restaurants is Tei-Tei on Henderson. We used to go all the time – the grilled artichokes are perfect. Oh, and Bubba’s. The best fried chicken on the planet.

9. Bar in Dallas

I love the Rattlesnake Bar at the Ritz. Drinks aren’t cheap, but it’s just so… Dallas. And Old Monk is great, too.

10. Most versatile piece in your closet

Good jeans – always dark, so they can transition from day to night without looking out of place anywhere.

11. One thing you could not live without

I don’t think I could handle living here [in New York] without noise-cancelling headphones and really good music on my iPhone. I’d go crazy.

12. Latest discovery/obsession

Tumblr and Instagram. It’s important to build a strong and consistent personal brand, and all of these platforms linking together almost seamlessly are really helpful. Oh, and the food in Brooklyn. It’s amazing!

13. Go-to style inspiration

People I see on the street – people watching in NYC should be an Olympic sport.

14. Last purchase

A pair of Brooks Brothers black fleece wool dress pants that I got at the Barney’s warehouse sale.

15. How would you describe your personal style?

I would say it’s fairly middle-of-the-road, but with an appropriate balance of a classic, timeless look and a more contemporary, sartorial look. You’re always on the go here, so confidence in your style and making sure you have a good foundation of basics that you can dress up or down depending on where you end up are both really essential.




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Tracy Achor Hayes’ Top Picks

By Hillary Hirschfeld

1) Check out Tracy Hayes’ favorite nail polish color for the spring: Buff by RGB

According to Tracy Hayes, Buff by RGB is the must-have nail polish for the spring. The creamy, sheer beige polish is perfect for a natural, clean look and will go great with any and all of spring’s bright color palette in your wardrobe.


2) Upcoming label to watch for: Mary Katrantzou

Named “Mary, Queen of Prints” by Harper’s Bazaar, Mary Katrantzou is an up-and-coming designer with bold, vibrant prints and geometric designs. In Tracy Hayes’ 20 questions, she lists Mary Katrantzou as the label to watch for its “pretty amazing prints.”


Photo from Elle Catwalk Supplement, August 2011

Photo from Vogue USA, August 2011

Photo from Harper’s Bazaar, August 2011

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20 Questions: Tracy Achor Hayes

By Hillary Hirschfeld

Tracy Hayes, former fashion editor of the Dallas Morning News, now works as director of editorial content for Neiman Marcus.

1. Favorite color for the spring: Navy

2. Favorite fashion designer: Marc Jacobs to watch, Dries Van Noten to wear

3. Favorite NYFW show: Marc Jacobs (even though I only saw it online)

4. Upcoming label to watch for: Mary Katrantzou’s prints are pretty amazing

5. Favorite item of clothing: Judging by my closet, it must be black pants, although striped Ts, pea coats and trenches are well-represented, too.

6. Favorite trend for spring: Quirky pants, either colorful or in a print

7. Favorite fashion publication: Couldn’t live without any of them — Vogue, Elle, W, New York Times, Marie Claire…

8. Favorite blog to follow: manrepeller, fug girls

9. Best accessory: Wedding ring (still crazy about my guy)

10. Favorite perfume/scent: Nothing out of bottle even comes close to smell of sagebrush, horses or nag champa incense

11. Spring nail polish color: Buff by RGB

12. Favorite restaurant in Dallas: Uchiko. It’s in Austin not Dallas, but I just had one of the top-five best meals of my life there so can’t get it out of my mind.

13. Favorite boutique in Dallas: V.O.D. in Victory Park, and not just because one of my best friends is the co-owner

14. What’s always in your purse? wallet, iPhone, keys, multiple packs of Stride gum

15. Most surreal fashion/work experience to date? Too, too many to try to name one

16. Who is your go-to style inspiration? No single person. I just try to soak it up wherever I see it.

17. What was your latest purchase? Two ’80s jackets and a pair of vintage Frye boots in Austin

18. If you could meet with one fashion designer, alive or not, who would it be? I’ve met most of the living ones, so the answer would probably have to be Chanel.

19. What would you ask him/her? “Can I please just quietly observe you at work for the next month?”

20. How would you describe your personality? Enthusiastic


Read all about Tracy Hayes’ Top Picks for spring here.


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20 Questions: Sarah Bray

By Laura Murphy

1.     Color for spring

I have this neon pink satchel that I got for Christmas, it’s like the Cambridge satchel from England that a lot of bloggers have and I have my initials embossed in it. I got it for Christmas and it shipped from the original factory across the pond It is so bright and neon, I just love that color. It’s a feast for the eyes.


2.     Fashion designer

I wear Michael Kors the most just because it’s classic American sportswear and really sophisticated and clean. It’s just really practical.

3.     Upcoming label

Mary Katrantzou.  I just started following her and she does digital prints so it’s actually prints that come from a computer. They’re so colorful and crazy and bold.

 4.     Item of clothing

Dresses. They’re easy and I think they’re flattering.

5.     Trend for spring

Neon.  It’s crazy to see these wild colors that a couple of years ago would’ve only been appropriate at a ‘80s theme party but now they’re everywhere.

6.     Must-have fashion item for spring/summer 2012

Miu Miu Catwalk Sunglasses in tortoiseshell, I have been on the hunt for those. I want a Celine bag really bad. I’ve been dying for a Celine bag, just in like a cool cobalt blue or bright color.

7.     Fashion publication

Vogue.  I was an intern at Vogue and I just idolize all the editors there.

8.     Blog

There are a few. I love the basic blogs like The Cut and Fashionista. But then as far as street style and personal fashion blogs I like Atlantic-PacificSea of ShoesMrs. LilienInto the Gloss, and Aureta.

9.     Accessory

Shoes. Heels, even though I definitely don’t wear heels every day, I still love them.

10.  Perfume/scent

Chanel Chance

11.  TV show

I really like watching the news. I watch CNN a lot and “Nightline” and “20/20.” I’m obsessed with Oprah and I love watching her OWN Network, but only when she’s on it.

12.  Restaurant in Dallas


13.  Bar in Dallas

If I’m going to be fancy I like going to The Mansion and having a glass of wine because they have that Frank Sinatra cover singer and it’s just fabulous and cozy. If I’m being casual I guess Katy Trail Ice House or Nodding Donkey.

14.  Place for manicures and pedicures in Dallas

Since I went to SMU I literally just go to Nail Star in Snider Plaza.

15.  Makeup products

I’m a big beauty girl; I have so many beauty products.  For foundation I use Nars normally in the winter. In the summer I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I use Bobbi Brown lipstick a lot; I use Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick for blush; Dior Diorshow Mascara; Laura Mercier concealer.

16.  Latest beauty discovery/obsession

I like filling in my eyebrows sometimes… I think it kind of frames your face and makes your features really pop, but it’s not a look that I typically do during the daytime; it’s more like if I’m really trying to get done up.

17.  Most surreal fashion/work experience to date

When I went to fashion week for the first time, like this time last year. I was freelancing for a lady in Dallas who has a fashion blog and I couldn’t believe it. I got a press pass, I got invitations to amazing shows, and it was that kind of moment like ‘How did I get here?’ And interning at Vogue, that was my first national internship. I remember when I interviewed and they offered me the position to be a summer intern, it was the summer after my sophomore year at SMU.  I remember thinking ‘Oh my gosh, how did this happen?’

18.  Go-to style inspiration

It changes. I look up to a lot of editors like Taylor Tomasi Hill, and I like Alexa Chung’s style because she wears little dresses and flats. I love street style and just seeing what everyday people are wearing and looking at blogs.

19.  Last purchase

I went to Last Call and bought two Equipment blouses.

20.  How would you describe your personal style?

I think it’s always mixing really feminine with really masculine stuff.

I like dresses and makeup and pink, but then I also have boyish touches like loafers, blazers, oversized sweaters, trousers and stuff like that.




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On Her Radar: Sarah Bray

By Laura Murphy

5 Things On Her Radar:

1. Haul videos

2. Yellow nails, if they’re not chipped

3. Sock buns

4. A new handbag – Givenchy, Proenza Schouler PS1, or Celine

5. Cool antiques for her loft downtown

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The Look of Love

By Shelby Foster
No matter what your plans are this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the Hallmark holiday in style with these three looks.

Dash out for cosmos with your girlfriends this Tuesday and live-it-up in a chic all-black ensemble.
Add a pop of color with a structured fuchsia handbag and toast the single life.
Theory pleated dress, Donna Karan tights, TopShop shoes, Mulberry bag
Or will you be curled up on the couch with your man and a romantic movie? Keep it cute and comfy with a Wildfox Couture heart-emblazoned sweatshirt and
If a hot date with your beau is on your agenda, put on the one color no guy can resist: fiery red. Pair with sultry Louboutin peep-toe pumps and flirty gold earrings — you’ll have him hooked by dessert.
Haute Hippie dress, Christian Louboutin pumps, Tory Burch clutch,
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