The cost of blowouts heating up

By Schuyler Mack

There’s just something about the sound of a $35 blow-dry that is so appealing. While most salons start at around $60 for a base blow-dry, Drybar has found the niche in the market, slashing the costs in half. Well not anymore—their claim to fame blow-dry’s for $35 are now $40. While the $5 price change isn’t that huge, the increase takes away from the dry bar experience as a whole.

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For starters that is what their business model was based on — so now what? Are all the other blow-dry bars that copied the idea going to raise their prices, too? Or will Drybar begin losing customers to their less-expensive competitors.

Of course, since the change doesn’t apply until Oct. 1, if you go in now and buy gift packages, they’ll honor the $35 fee even after the price increase.  If this option doesn’t appeal to you, not to fear — Dallas is loaded with many other options: The Hair Bar, Pouf, La Bichette and Dear Clark. So go head out there and explore.  Things are looking up!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Pouf in your article! <3


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