20 Questions: Tracy Achor Hayes

By Hillary Hirschfeld

Tracy Hayes, former fashion editor of the Dallas Morning News, now works as director of editorial content for Neiman Marcus.

1. Favorite color for the spring: Navy

2. Favorite fashion designer: Marc Jacobs to watch, Dries Van Noten to wear

3. Favorite NYFW show: Marc Jacobs (even though I only saw it online)

4. Upcoming label to watch for: Mary Katrantzou’s prints are pretty amazing

5. Favorite item of clothing: Judging by my closet, it must be black pants, although striped Ts, pea coats and trenches are well-represented, too.

6. Favorite trend for spring: Quirky pants, either colorful or in a print

7. Favorite fashion publication: Couldn’t live without any of them — Vogue, Elle, W, New York Times, Marie Claire…

8. Favorite blog to follow: manrepeller, fug girls

9. Best accessory: Wedding ring (still crazy about my guy)

10. Favorite perfume/scent: Nothing out of bottle even comes close to smell of sagebrush, horses or nag champa incense

11. Spring nail polish color: Buff by RGB

12. Favorite restaurant in Dallas: Uchiko. It’s in Austin not Dallas, but I just had one of the top-five best meals of my life there so can’t get it out of my mind.

13. Favorite boutique in Dallas: V.O.D. in Victory Park, and not just because one of my best friends is the co-owner

14. What’s always in your purse? wallet, iPhone, keys, multiple packs of Stride gum

15. Most surreal fashion/work experience to date? Too, too many to try to name one

16. Who is your go-to style inspiration? No single person. I just try to soak it up wherever I see it.

17. What was your latest purchase? Two ’80s jackets and a pair of vintage Frye boots in Austin

18. If you could meet with one fashion designer, alive or not, who would it be? I’ve met most of the living ones, so the answer would probably have to be Chanel.

19. What would you ask him/her? “Can I please just quietly observe you at work for the next month?”

20. How would you describe your personality? Enthusiastic


Read all about Tracy Hayes’ Top Picks for spring here.


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