HBO ‘Girls’ style inspired

By: Megan Rutledge

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I fell in love with the newest HBO series, Girls, this summer. Of course there is much less eye candy than Sex and the City, but for what the show lacks in labels, it makes up for in relativity — the characters are age-relevant and their misadventures are simply hilarious.

One character, Jessa, sincerely managed to inspire and shake up my once classic preppy wardrobe — and I haven’t looked back since. Her style on the show is a reflection of her free-spirited and daring nature.

With Jessa as my spirit guide (or for those of you who are familiar with the show, “crack” spirit guide, just kidding, but yes I am a Shoshanna at heart), I was feeling daring at Neiman Marcus. I figured, hey why not try out these silk pants — they’re awesome and look incredibly comfortable, and I figured, when in Rome, or Dallas. At risk of bragging, the props from girls and guys alike came reeling in, and I loved every approval rating.

Since this unexpected fashion realization, I have been on a continuous search for the best silk pants and how to wear them. There is something to be said about their effortless look, and with the timing (summer in Dallas) of my new found style guru, I had to get creative with how I wore the pants, without the crisp fall weather of the one and only New York City (where Girls takes place). Now that fall is FINALLY here, I cannot wait to embrace the style to its full extent.

One of Jessa’s (played by Jemima Kirke) best outfits is in episode four, “Hannah’s Diary.” Her look quintessentially defines the same (usually unintentional) effortlessness that my morning classes witness — that of pigtail braids, limited makeup and the closest and most comfortable outfit I can find in my closet. In this episode, the character absolutely rocks this nonchalance—wearing pants from Zara, a simple shirt and a great leather jacket (wardrobe staple).

Here are some of my favorite new looks of the same trade that I’m hoping to add to my wardrobe this fall—like these Tibi Sparrow Trousers and Free People’s Rumor Has It Pants. Even without these additions to my collection, I am looking forward to updating the look for fall with these Tory Burch boots. Can I kick it?

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