Add dazzle to a dull ponytail: A look at the popular Cyndi Bands

By Hillary Johnson

Walking around the SMU campus it’s hard not to take note on everyone’s different hairstyles. With the weather being so hot lately, all the girls are keeping cool by wearing their hair up in Cyndi Bands.

Cyndi Bands are the elastic hair ties that come in an array of colors, solid and patterned. Cyndi hair bands have become very popular in the last couple of months. The cute patterns, everything from leopard to stripes, turn a dull hairdo into a chic trendsetting hairstyle.

Personally, I think these hairbands are amazing. While I usually don’t like wearing my hair in a ponytail, for some odd reason when I wear Cyndi Bands I don’t mind.

What’s nice is that the band is thick and elastic so it doesn’t dent your hair when you wear it in a ponytail or bun for a long period of time. There is such a variety of colors and patterns to chose from, it’s hard to chose just one to match your outfit.

Though they seem expensive for hairbands, it’s worth it. I lose hair accessories all the time, but there is something about these cute Cyndi Bands that makes you keep track of them!

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