Laura Mercier’s BB Cream

By Samantha Peltier


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The beauty world is obsessed with Laura Mercier’s BB cream — to the point where other brands are trying to one up this easy-to-apply wonder by introducing “CC” cream. I’m just waiting for the “DD” creams.

But for now, I’ll continue to use my favorite of Mercier’s BB creams — the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – on a daily basis. It is light on the skin.  And just a dab on the face, along with some eyeliner and mascara, and you’ll look perfect for a long day at work.

The tinted moisturizer has only a hint of a sunscreen scent, which is a lot less than the over-powering odor of most creams, and it covers up all of the red, acne-scared spots on my face.

The best part about the cream is that I barely notice it throughout the day, unless of course I look in a mirror.  It’s the perfect lightweight foundation.

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