Courtney Kerr Loves Dallas — One Fabulous Outfit at a Time

By Mackenna Scripps

Photo cred: Robert Ascroft

Loud, over-the-top, confident and a bit obnoxious at times. These are the words Dallas-based fashion blogger and reality TV star Courtney Kerr uses to describe her personality and style.

When I tried to reach her in the midst of New York Fashion Week and her super-busy schedule, Kerr celebrity-level busy schedule didn’t allow her to meet with me.  Though I wish I could’ve had the honor, I could sense Kerr’s vibrant personality through our e-mail exchanges alone.

I was lucky enough to learn more about this fashionista and her growing success, including her new reality show coming to Bravo – Courtney Loves Dallas — in the coming months.

You may recognize Kerr from Most Eligible Dallas, another reality show on Bravo. Or possibly you read her fashion blog, What Courtney Wore, which showcases her unique style. Either way, Kerr’s success is only growing. The Dallas socialite says it all began when Bravo found her during their scouting for Most Eligible Dallas:

“The blog happened as a result of the fans wanting to know what I wore in the reality show and then Courtney Loves Dallas happened in result of the blog. It’s kind of a chain reaction that keeps getting more exciting every day!”

Kerr attributes these accomplishments and her continuing success to her outspoken personality as well as her love for fashion.

The new reality series will showcase both. Bravo’s press release promises viewers that each episode will chronicle Kerr’s navigation through the Dallas social scene, including the struggles of balancing her work life with her love life. “Courtney proves that having it all isn’t easy,” quotes the release.

Texas Monthly contributor Jason Sheeler recently addressed the challenges Kerr might face expanding her “brand” beyond “Big D.”

“Courtney has been able to leverage her style and sense of humor towards a loyal Twitter following and two seasons on Bravo, accessorized with her relatable, Texan, ‘every-man’ quality,” Sheeler writes.  “What remains to be seen though is how popular she’ll be outside of North Texas – and if her good outfits and goofy laugh will truly permeate pop culture.”

With Courtney Loves Dallas beginning to film and everything else on her plate, Kerr was in search of an intern. She went through Hire a Stang — a company that helps SMU students and graduates find jobs – and found SMU sophomore, Shannon Russo.

Russo says the reality show will reveal Kerr’s collaboration for Bauble Bar Jewelry with Hunter Dixon clothing, as well as showcasing her newest job as a co-host on the local talk show D: The Broadcast.

D: The Broadcast aired for the first time on Feb. 18. The hosts, along with Kerr, chat about all things Dallas – entertainment, fashion, food and family.

“Working with Courtney is exactly like working with an older sister. Courtney and I just clicked the second we met,” Russo says. “Courtney walks the perfect line of work and play. She cracks down when needed, but also can be a total goofball when we have a second to breathe.”

Growing up in Fort Worth, Kerr says she’s loved fashion since she was 2 years old.

“I used to throw temper tantrums before school every morning with my mother as we would battle it out over what I would wear to nursery school.”

She graduated from Abilene Christian University with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and moved to Dallas in 2004.  Kerr pursued a fashion retail career for about 12 years until she decided to leave to become a full-time fashion blogger. It all spiraled from there. Most Eligible Dallas scouted her, What Courtney Wore came next, and now her own reality show and a co-host on D: The Broadcast.

So what’s next? Kerr jokes that she doesn’t have tomorrow’s outfit picked out yet.

“In all seriousness, though, my next steps are always very well thought out and premeditated, but I like to keep everyone guessing, so I do have some surprises in store the next couple of months. I can say this — they involve fashion.”


SMU Fashion Media’s Q & A with Courtney Kerr:

SMU FM: Fashion inspiration?

CK: Diane von Furstenberg – she understands a woman’s body and continues to update the classics season after season.

Staple piece in wardrobe?

Leather pants – especially this time of year. They go with everything and add instant glam to even the basics, like a white tee or an oversized sweatshirt and heels.

Favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2013?

I am all about bright colors when spring and summer roll around. I challenge myself every April-August to not wear black from head to toe. I love bright pops of neons and prints are still so popular!

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  1. Ashley Anderson says:

    Mackenna- I love how you are able to capture Courtney Kerr’s personality and voice through this story about her. The story is a very fun and easy read, and leaves the reader entertained. I also like how you included a Q&A with Courtney Kerr- It was a really nice touch and great way to end the piece. Great job!

  2. Krisja says:

    What was the dress you were wearing at the party Drew hosted on last weeks episode?


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