Rag & Bone Opens its Doors in Dallas

By Farah Abdelqader

Lights illuminated the corner of the Rag & Bone boutique as I approached the store on the night of its opening in Highland Park Village. That was one way to attract attention — but it got better.  As I got close enough for a good view, I realized just what was lighting up the night: The Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2013 Collection fashion show had been projected onto the storefront for all bystanders to see.

The British founders of Rag & Bone, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, had one very clear vision in mind when they started the company in 2002: To make clothes that they and their friends would love to wear every day.  Some 11 years and 12 store openings later, Rag & Bone has set the standard for fine casual wear.

With concrete floors, exposed bricks and brass elements used as racks and hangers, the store’s modern interior seems to reflect the company’s edgy aesthetic. It is also the only Rag & Bone boutique to feature a double floor rotunda decked with mannequins for onlookers to view through the store windows.

The simple approach extends to the store’s products.  Sure, Rag & Bone sells jeans and other basics – but with classic tailoring and the finest fabrics.  The specificity of the designs is what makes Rag & Bone unique and exclusive from other brands that sell jeans.

Brandy Harris serves as sales supervisor at the Highland Village boutique. “The thing that’s interesting about Rag & Bone is that the designers are two men that come from no fashion experience,” she says. “They wanted to make a product that they loved, and a product that people will wear. Something that’s a staple, but still has a unique cutting edge.”  The Spring/Summer 2013 collection –in which the campaign features the talented and stunning Kate Moss—includes this seasons hottest trends that focus on minimalism, contrasting colors and combined textures and fabrics.

The women’s Spring 2013 collection is now featured in stores.
Photo credit: Farah Abdelqader

With Barney’s New York – which carries Rag & Bone — planning to close its NorthPark store, the company saw an opportunity for expansion in Dallas when an offer came their way. Store manager Zoe Koupiaris explains: “Actually, the Highland Park Village owners sought after Rag & Bone to come here. They wanted something new, fun and urban.”

Rag & Bone will provide an interesting addition to Highland Park Village, which features such high-end boutiques as Dior, Escada, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, just to name a few.

The new handbag collection
Photo credit: Farah Abdelqader

During my visit to the boutique, a 40-something male shopper purchased a pair of jeans and a belt to go along with it. Since the Dallas store does not carry the entire men’s collection yet, they have also included their first ever Mac station, where men can shop the collection online with the assistance of a stylist and have it sent to their front door. Luckily for male shoppers, that won’t be the case for long, the Rag & Bone boutique will be moving to a larger space in The Highland Park Village in mid-April and will feature the full men’s line.

Photo credit: Farah Abdelqader


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  1. Ashley Stainton says:

    Great piece- I knew nothing about this store before reading this! Your introduction and description of the storefront made me feel as if I was there. Also, the pictures you took inside Rag and Bone’s store were very modern and interesting (Instagram?). I had heard about the men’s department not being included by some of my friends who were trying to shop their and couldn’t find any men’s clothes. My friends mentioned they were told the men’s line was pending based on the amount of online sales Rag and Bone had from their MAC station… could be a new development to include in your story! Overall, I loved your article- very well written, researched and entertaining.

  2. Kelly says:

    Love these pictures! I feel like they really enhance the story by making it visually pleasing. They just make me want to read all about Rag & Bone and go visit the store for myself. Great background on the store’s opening here in Highland Park as well.

  3. Jade Reichman says:

    I really like your pictures! The borders make it look very clean and simplified

  4. I really liked the personable tone of this piece; it was very charming and inviting. I especially enjoyed your colorful and lively description of the store. It is important to be informative while still keeping the reader intrigued, and I think you achieved this flawlessly. Your background knowledge of fashion was evident as you discussed tailoring and fabrics, which I found to be particularly impressive. The timeliness of this piece was also spot-on with the recent closing of Barney’s in Northpark (may you rest in peace Barney’s) and I found it to be very uplifting in that it reassures readers still grieving over the loss of Barney’s that we still have a spot to purchase this sought after brand – and even better, without the hassle of going out to Northpark!



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