Go (olive) Green

By Jaclyn Castaldo

In the midst of midterm week and diligent studying (aka online shopping), I can’t help but notice the wave of olive green radiating from my computer screen. Designers who participated in New York Fashion Week this year brought a touch of earthy tone to their collections.

Whether it be with a jacket, accessory or pan, Karen Walker, Rag & Bone, Phillip Lim and many more featured neutral greens throughout their collections this year and want you to do the same with your wardrobe.

Image via The Fashion Medley

Image via The Fashion Medley

We’re seeing that olive green is not just for camouflage anymore. The hue is having its moment in deep, rich shades that embody the autumnal season. It conveys a very strong, sexy female vibe too. It looks great with the staple colors of fall and winter- black, grey and white.

So next time you are on the hunt for fall clothes, just remember to branch out and go green.

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