Floppy and Fashionable

By Bailey Wilson

Fall is finally here, meaning its time to break out those fall clothes and stay warm. Most body heat is lost through the head, but staying warm while looking good is easier than ever with the latest trend—the wool floppy hat.

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These hats can be found in many retailers such as Free People, Rag and Bone, American Apparel and Forever 21. The wool floppy hat is a necessity for staying warm and trendy this holiday season.

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Hats are more than just a fashion accessory. They can offer many benefits from keeping the sun off your face in the summer, to keeping you warm in the winter. Of course there has always been the go-to beanie to keep your head warm when it’s cold out, but the trendiest way to stay warm this fall is with the wool floppy hat.

The floppy hat can be found in a variety of colors. Most people lean toward fall colors like black, brown, grey or tan. The hats are also available with different styled stitching and trim in order to fit everyone’s preferences.

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