Fragrant Thoughts

By Brielle Kuhn

An overwhelming cloud of Jo Malone surrounds me as I pass a woman around 50 years old, dressed in an elegant head-to-toe off white ensemble. It instantly triggers a flash of my Aunt Julie, who only comes to visit during Christmas and never fails to bring her yapping look-a-like, Macey, her Yorkie.  As the woman continues making her way through the makeup counter maze at Neiman Marcus, I stopped to look at the perfumes sitting on top of the clear glass cases. I wondered, “Is Jo Malone forever going to remind me of Aunt Julie and her dreadful sidekick? Is a simple scent really that powerful?”


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Sometimes a scent can holster the most incredible ability to take you back in time and make those distant memories tangible, and nothing is more memorable than a woman’s scent. It’s her signature, her way of signing the air around her. As Christian Dior has said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” People are associated with their perfume. It establishes their entrance into a room and leaves an elegant trail as they leave.

Whether it’s something light like Clinique Happy, something strong like Versace Crystal Noir, or something classic like Chanel No. 5, a woman’s signature scent can give a slight glimpse into her soul. In today’s world we are bombarded by what seems like an endless number of options, so it may take some searching for that perfect aroma. Just remember the next time you pick up that bottle to spritz your neck, you’re spraying more than a brand or some tinted liquid in a bottle.  You’re giving the world around you a little look into who you truly are.

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