The season’s hot hair trend: Wet head?

By Dulaney Miller

A top hair hair trend for 2013 is leaving many style watchers a little puzzled.

This new look, which was being rocked on the runway throughout New York Fashion Week, can best be described as high-shine drama.  But fashion articles and blogs suggest it is intended to create the illusion that you just stepped out from under a waterfall.

Yes, designers are loving this look for their 2013 showcases.  Prada, for example, displayed the “just ran out the door with wet hair” look on the runway, and it has also been seen in shows hosted by Gucci, Lanvin, Louie Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Rag + Bone, Roberto Cavalli and Jil Sanders.  Can’t help but wonder if the wet-hair phenomenon is intentional — or if the fire alarm sprinklers went of back stage.

On the runway, with couture clothing, sleek, shiny hair may look fabulous and hydrated.  With the right outfit and the right hairdresser, the shine-drenched look can transform a model into a sleek, powerful woman.

But does this hair trend translate to the streets of Dallas?  At the upscale Dallas salon Osgood O’Neil, the shelves have been stocked with hair products that create this ultra saturated/caught-in-the-rain look.  But according to Osgood O’Neil color stylist Damian Valverde, they are staying there.  As Valverde quipped, while it’s fine to sleep with a moisture treatment in your hair, you don’t want to look as if you forgot to wash it out.


Photo: Rag + Bone. Fall 2013 Fashion Week.

Of course, going over the top, using too much product to create a look that gives the illusion of being wet — this, unfortunately, occurred on one too many runways this year, making models look as though they lacked proper hygiene. There is a difference between lying on the beach with a sleek and slick ponytail and sporting your Missoni bikini with hair that says: “Oops, I spilled the tanning oil. All over my head.”

Dallasite and former model Adrienne Totoro says that while she appreciates “the super-sleekness [of shine-drenched] hair during a fashion show or [while] flipping through the newest Vogue,” she wouldn’t want to see her girlfriends rocking this look over drinks.

DM2Photo: Groomed and Glossy web. Get The Look, Shine Drenched Hair

Quick tutorials (see above) on how to achieve the look seem to rely primarily on oil-based products.  So this leaves you with the ultimate decision: Get your wallet and grab Bumble & Bumble’s Let it Shine shampoo, Redken’s Diamond hair oil and a bottle of Amargan Oil. Or have your water service discontinued until the next hair trend comes along.

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