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Swimsuit trends: Itsy Bitsy

By Ruthie Burst and Courtney Schellin


Photo from Google images

Photo from Google images

Sun’s out, buns out…literally!

After many SMU students flocked to beach weather for spring break there was one trend that was nearly impossible to miss. When it comes to swimsuits, the tinier, the better.

It seems from generation to generation, swimsuit cuts are constantly changing, and the  styles are becoming smaller and smaller by the season.  Specifically swimsuit bottoms, which are looking more like thongs these days.

With less and less fabric becoming the hottest trend hitting the beach, it doesn’t necessarily mean less and less options. Despite less material and coverage, swimsuit designers are creating even more creative designs than ever before.

Swimsuit lines including Acacia, Victoria’s Secret and Montce are just some of the few who have come out with teeny bikinis being seen all over beaches.

From crochet and cut outs, the classic cut of the popular one-piece during the nineties has changed so drastically now that it does not look like a one-piece at all.

And the patterns. Oh, the patterns.  The sky is the limit. Whether you’re someone who opts for plain colors to mix and match or incredibly vivid color prints, there’s bound to be an option for you.

As for accents, leather, bows, strings and chains are just some of the few pieces being added to swimsuits to distinguish themselves from the rest. L Space and Lolli swimwear are just some of the few sporting these trends.

Disclaimer: While these bikini bottoms might help us all avoid drastic tan lines, they should be worn by only the fittest, and bravest, among us.

Ladies — if you look like Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel,  you’re an exception to this rule.  Victoria’s Secret models flaunt these trends because they have the bodies to do so.

But let’s be honest – most girls shouldn’t wear these bottoms in public.  What’s being labeled as “itsy” reveals way too much.

In fact, itsy bitsy bikini bottoms may actually draw negative attention to the bums of most average-sized girls.

So next time you’re on the hunt for a sexy new swimsuit, be sure to think about just how much you’re willing to reveal. If you dare to bare, don’t be afraid to turn up the heat and grab yourself a teeny bikini to rock on the beach, because with all these options available, there’s never been a better time to buy a swimsuit. Remember: You don’t have to follow every trend to be stylish.

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life is short. heels shouldn’t be.

by Elle Finney

After putting an immense amount of energy into being a tomboy for the majority of my childhood, everything changed when I found a pink, bedazzled, pointed-toe flat from DSW (yes, they were as ugly as they sound) that made me realize there was more to life than being a mediocre soccer player. Now, I wish I could include “shoe connoisseur” under the “Skills” section of my resume, but then I realize that’s not a quality worth hiring for… although it should be.

I try not to pick favorites when it comes to shoes, but as a college student practicality and comfort are essential. Give me a wedge and a platform and I’m good to go. The platform dominated the heel market for the past two years, but unfortunately a much less secure shoe is slowly replacing the platform.

Sandals and pumps without the extra quarter-inch cushion are gracing runways and streets everywhere.  These shoes are much more ornate than they have been in the past. Without the chunkiness of the platform, the elaborate shoes still manage to be demure and elegant.


Aquazzua‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Some are strappy, some have laser cutouts, but overall they’re immaculate forms of artwork. As excited as I am to incorporate these shoes into my wardrobe, I’m not sure if my feet and ankles are as thrilled.

There was something about that extra oomph that made me feel more supported. There’s a buffer between you and the ground, and you don’t feel every nook and cranny that you wobble on.

The platform will not go extinct but lately, the prettier the shoe the more uncomfortable it is. As someone who can’t go anywhere without a heel, I feel like there will be much more “heel training” coming my way as this trend carries on. Hopefully you will glide into this trend much more gracefully than I have.

Remember: “Life is short. Heels shouldn’t be.” – Brian Atwood

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texans new source of entertainment news

by Grace Merck

Inside Entertainment is soon to be Texas’ first ever entertainment news show. Produced by Dallas HD Films, Inside Entertainment is based in Dallas and will focus on local entertainment news and beyond. The show is hosted by Bri Crum and Paul Salfen and will air on the KTXD 47 local network. Inside entertainment premiered Friday, March 7, and will run every Friday at 10:30am and 5:30pm and Saturdays at 11:00pm.

inside entertainment

Inside Entertainment will give viewers the inside scoop on all things pop culture. They plan on keeping Dallas locals current on what’s hot in Hollywood, Texas, and beyond. According to one of the show’s hosts, Bri Crum, [Inside Entertainment] was created out of a love for Texas, and realizing that Texas is missing one particular form of media exposure: Entertainment News about Texas pop culture and lifestyle through TV programming.” Some of the segments included in the show will cover fashion shows, movie premiers, award shows, professional sporting events, travel segments, and food and wine festivals.

Inside Entertainment hosted a successful premier party event at The House of Blues in downtown Dallas. The show’s two hosts, the production team, and some of Dallas’ hottest socialites and fashonistas were in attendance. The venue was buzzing with excitement as the audience awaited the first viewing of Dallas’ new show. There were two full service bars serving signature pineapple cocktails, photo booths and green screens, and a popcorn bar set up for party guests to enjoy. In the premier episode guests watched the shows hosts interview Oscar Winners, spend time with celebrities in behind the scene gifting suites, and check out new spring trends in Dallas’ Downtown Neiman Marcus.

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sjp for nordstrom

Jenna Veldhuis

Anyone who tuned into Sex and the City will tell you that of the four characters Carrie Bradshaw always had the best shoes, memorably saying that, “Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.”

Though a decade has passed since the finale of the beloved show, Carrie’s shoe collection remains infamous, with the Pinterest boards to prove it.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress who brought Carrie to life and a style icon herself, recently launched the SJP Collection for Nordstrom. The line consists of shoes, clutches, and the “Manhattan” trench coat, designed by Parker in collaboration with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik.

Parker was recently in town promoting the collection at Nordstrom at Northpark Center.  Customers who made an SJP Collection purchase got the chance to meet Parker and have their item signed by the designer herself.

SJP Collection features 25 different shoe styles, with style names like the “Diana,” after Lady Di and the “Carrie,” a shoe the character would no doubt be proud to wear.

image via Nordstrom

image via Nordstrom

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a fashion life re-invented


1Mastropolo_Modelby Ruthie Burst

When Samantha Mastropolo started selling cosmetics in her hometown of London, she didn’t know she’d soon be working in another part of the fashion industry: modeling.

One day a hairdresser friend asked her to be a hair model in a photo shoot.  After the shoot, the photographer showed the photos around.  The lithe, blue-eyed Mastropolo caught the attention of an agency, and she was quickly signed.  Thus, her career launched in the early ‘90s, when she was 24 years old – a bit late by modeling standards.  And perhaps an early clue that she would re-invent herself more than once over the course of her journey.


Mastropolo’s career took off relatively fast – but not in London.  Her agency relocated her to different markets.  She had the most success in Europe and Asia, and worked in Korea, Tokyo, London, Germany and Spain.  She says she traveled constantly, calling that one of the “pros” of a model’s life.

Mastropolo says she mostly did print work and was featured in an ad for Versace Makeup as well as two campaigns for Max Factor.  Mastropolo also walked the runway for top designers such as Versace, Armani, Issey Miyake, Gucci, and more.

“Print was my strongest point,” says Mastropolo.  “Runway wasn’t my favorite because that’s where I lacked the confidence.”

Mastropolo says she used to get butterflies before stepping on the catwalk.  She thinks confidence is a characteristic that allows models to shine and differentiate themselves from others but says it’s a quality that develops over time.

As a working model, she says, it was also critical to maintain certain body measurements.  During the time Mastropolo modeled, the Kate Moss heroin chic look was in high demand.

Mastropolo says overall her modeling experiences were wonderful, but the downside was feeling like she had to look good at all times.

“I remember I was doing a shoot for Marie Claire and I had a massive spot on my chin and there was nothing I could do about it,” says Mastropolo.  “It’s that constant struggle to maintain your weight or to have healthy looking skin and make sure you don’t have bags under your eyes.”

Hair & Makeup Styling


After approximately six years of modeling, Mastropolo lost interest.  She realized she didn’t want to model and travel anymore.

“I was kind of over it.  I was like, I’m done,” says Mastropolo.  “There’s a season for everything and that season for modeling was over and I knew it so it was time to start something new.”

She says it’s a good idea for models to have alternative plans for the future because typically modeling careers don’t continue past the age of 35.

“Modeling is a great job to have when you’re young but not one to rely on for life,” says Tori Taylor who used to model for the Kim Dawson Agency.

At 28, Mastropolo moved to the United States and decided to become a hair and makeup stylist for both photo shoots and runway shows.  She attended Jenni Tarver Academy to master her skills.

She picked up the techniques of makeup fairly quickly but struggled with hair styling.  But since she wanted to start her career in Dallas, she knew she had to learn both.  The New York fashion industry separates makeup stylists from hair stylists, but in Dallas stylists are expected to do it all.

When Mastropolo attended hair and makeup castings, she would tell photographers about her experience as a model.  As a result, the teams casting the jobs trusted her styling talents more because of her background, she says.

Mastropolo has done hair and makeup styling for Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, JCPenny, People Magazine, Glamour, GQ, Don Henley, Mark Cuban, Tiger Woods, Nike, and more.  This work consisted of campaigns, magazine spreads, and advertisements.


Mark Cuban featured in GQ magazine. Photography by Terry Richardson, hair & makeup by Mastropolo.

Mastropolo also applied her hair and makeup skills to ministry work for Queen Esther’s Court, mother and daughter inner-beauty conferences.  She focused on teaching girls how to apply makeup modestly to showcase their “inner beauty.”

“Sam has a heart for missions, helping reach those less fortunate in practical and spiritual ways,” says model April Barr, who met Mastropolo on the set of a photo shoot.  “The women enjoyed learning practical tips from Sam, yet most importantly they learned that developing true character was what makes a person’s beauty shine brighter.”


Mastropolo worked in hair and makeup for about four years and then decided to change paths again, this time venturing into fashion photography. “It [moving into photography] was a natural progression,” she says.

She went out and purchased a camera and learned to use it before completely jumping into her new career.  Mastropolo says the key to photography is light and emotion and capturing the two at the same time.  She learned this during her modeling career, which helped her pick up the skills of her new profession.

A Mastropolo photo.

A Mastropolo photo.

“Working with photographers is my favorite part about modeling,” says Kim Dawson model Lindsey Anderson.  “It makes it even more fun when they have been on the other side of the camera because they are able to relate to you and capture really great images.”

Mastropolo was able to relate to the models and bring out their personalities on set.  Thanks to her previous experience working in Dallas’ fashion industry, she had established  strong relationships with top agencies, models, and hair and makeup stylists.  These  connections also helped Mastropolo when she found herself on the other side of the camera.

While many aspects of her photography career evolved rapidly, there were challenges. Mastropolo says the transition proved to be a struggle at times because fashion photography, especially when one is new to the business, is not necessarily a lucrative career.

For instance,  Mastropolo says she worked out of her garage instead of renting a studio. Photography equipment was expensive and she didn’t want to spend more money early in her career.

In addition, as the Dallas fashion scene has grown over the past few years, more photographers are launching their careers here — and are willing to shoot for free, just to get noticed.  This creates the expectation that others new to the business will shoot for free as well, Mastropolo says.

The result: This established pro went back to hair and makeup styling, the part of her fashion career that Mastropolo says allowed her to express the most creativity.

The one piece of advice, she says, for anyone interested in a fashion career: Don’t become discouraged if you hear the word “no.” “Expect a lot of no’s,” says Mastropolo.  “You will get no’s, but you have to keep knocking on doors, and you have to remain positive.”

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The Sweet Smell of Success

Photos courtesy of Morgan.

Photos courtesy of Morgan.

By Elle Finney

The move from selling fertilizers to creating and marketing a line of fragrances may seem an unlikey career path.

But lucky for Niven Morgan, the years he spent working in a family business, delivering shipments of minerals and fertilizer around the state, provided the very tools he needed to make the change — some knowledge of the alchemy of scents, a saleman’s knack for service . . . and plenty of time to think.

Morgan was sitting in traffic during his routine commute when he had the epiphany that forever changed his professional life: Putting simple, sweet-smelling bath salts inside a decorative vase would give the product a unique touch.

Morgan first pitched his idea to Michaels, the national chain of craft and home decor stores.  Although Michaels didn’t sign on, the seed was planted.  Morgan began experimenting, combining his favorite scents and tossing around ideas with family and friends, as well as keeping a close eye on trends in the bath, body and home products industry.

Morgan knew he was on track when he developed a scent with notes of vanilla and  amber and appropriately christened it “Gold.”  Gold was the first signature fragrance of Morgan’s collection — used in products from bath salts to lotions — and to this day it still holds the title as his best-selling scent.

It took Morgan three years to turn his cottage industry into a full-time career — and thriving business. Today, 15 years after Morgan’s initial epiphany, his Dallas-based company sells a variety of luxury candles, soaps, lotions and home scents for both men and women to retailers throughout the country.

Customers swear by his products, which they praise as high-quality but never over-designed. The clear containers that hold Morgan’s bath salts and lotions are simple and sleek – they can fit into any kind of décor.

Photo courtesy of Morgan.

Photo courtesy of Morgan.

A travel-enthusiast, Morgan says the inspiration for his fragrances come from the places he has visited – everywhere from New Orleans to Mustique. “No matter if it’s a key in a hotel room, or the way a hotel room is designed, or the way they greet you,” the experience as a whole influences his work, he says.

SMU student Shelby Sanderford appreciates Morgan’s location-themed scents. Sanderford first heard about Niven Morgan when she smelled a candle at a friend’s apartment that reminded her of her hometown, New Orleans.

“The ability to turn something so simple into something that re-generates a smell from a far-away place and brings back irreplaceable memories is so unique and my favorite aspect of his products,” Sanderford says.

As a local, Morgan has found support in the Dallas business community. His products have proved to be a natural match for The Impeccable Pig, a Dallas-based boutique, which now stocks them on a regular basis.

Allison Treadway, Impeccable Pig manager, says that Morgan’s products have become go-to gifts. “The Gold scent is appealing to customers of all ages – we see everyone from middle-school to people in their 70s buying the products. Men as well,” Treadway says.

One of the greatest lessons Morgan learned while working for his fertilizer company was the importance of relationships with clients. He often attends events at The Impeccable Pig, and Treadway says she values the level of service he provides.

The interpersonal relationships he develops with his retailers and customers are, Morgan believes, key to his success. He doesn’t just sit behind a desk and tell people what to do.

He gets involved on the front lines to make sure everything is perfect.  Like any good salesman.

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Fendi’s furry critters

by Naomi Bowen

image via

image via E!Online

Last fall, Fendi’s little furry critters made their runway debut. Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director for Fendi, is combining the bag bug’s popularity (or buggies as they’re affectionally called) with his own mega-superstardom.

karl and cara

image via Cara Delevingne’s

Cara Delevingne marched down the Fall/Winter 2014 runway in a giant fur hood holding the miniature furry Lagerfeld, as if she was carrying a lantern to light the runway. Front row Instagrammers in Milan quickly snapped as many pictures as they could and American’s woke up with a new overnight star. Delevingne and Lagerfeld got on action, to promote Lagerfeld’s newest mini me.

The newest addition to the buggie family is sure to sell out fast. While there is no official news on when or where the Lagerfeld fur ball will be sold, Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman have all sold buggies in the past. Bergdorf Goodman currently has other versions of the fur covered monster bag charm available for pre-order. Be prepared past buggies have retailed between $500-$700, and sold out before they even hit the market. While these furry charms aren’t the most practical, carrying Uncle Karl on your arm is a constant chic fashion fairy godfather who’s sure to bring you luck.

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Miami in Dallas

by Amelia Ambrose

For spring break this year I am going to Miami. As excited as I am, I have to be ready for the culture shock. Miami has a unique culture. A place full of fashions completely different than Dallas. Skin is always in. You can never show too much, and dresses are never too beach

No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Well, not exactly, but you get the picture.  With a whole different reputation, Miami can afford to break the rules.

It can be a little intimidating exploring all that Miami boutiques have to offer, but fun and liberating at the same time.  I’m not the only one who is going to be exposed to these exotic trends. Dallas will soon get a taste of the fashion.

On March 22, 2014, GGC is hosting the second annual “Miami in Dallas” Poolside Spring Fashion show at Sisu in Uptown. Joanna Krupa from Bravos Real Housewives of MIAMI will host this ghetto-fabulous event. There will be many up-coming designers and boutiques showcasing their latest designs.

There will be cocktails as you mingle around with other A-list celebrities, socialites, and trendsetters. This is a stress-free event that can show guests all that Miami has to offer, without having to leave Dallas. It is a perfect opportunity to take a chance on these looks, whether you buy the Miami-style clothing or just get ideas for when you do take a trip to the 305.

Whatever the case, this will be a fun event that will kick off the swimsuit season– South Beach style.

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