The Crop: Back on Top

By Ashley Gross


Image via FanPop

Once seemingly stylish only for genies and belly dancers, the crop top has evolved into one of this season’s hottest trends. Recently photographed on the runways of Chanel, Balenciaga and Calvin Klein, the mini-shirt has made its way to the top of this season’s most-wanted list. Even with the arrival of cooler weather, this statement piece doesn’t seem to be nearing the end of its wear time, despite its minimal coverage.

This little bit of a wardrobe says quite a lot to onlookers. It radiates femininity, confidence and style on any body type.  Paired with high-waisted pants, a skirt or shorts, it is the ultimate way to accentuate a girly figure.  And while the crop top may have a reputation as a daring piece, you can also wear it with a blazer or sheer blouse for a more upscale look.

This staple, which debuted as a fashion statement in the 1950s, has made a worldwide comeback, and everyone needs to bare all before bellybuttons go out of style again. In the meantime, crop it out!


Image via The Los Angeles Fashion


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