The New Chic Truck Yard (if you will)

By Schuyler Mack

Greenville Avenue used to be the stomping grounds of rowdy teenage bar hopping for $2 “Crown and Down” at Stan’s Blue Note. It has since been revamped into a chic downtown indie scene. Greenville is the new Soho of Dallas, and we needed it! All the dive bars have been replaced with spruced-up restaurants and cocktail lounges. Yet, the newest funky addition is the long-anticipated truck yard.

Dallas is becoming a foodie city on wheels, with more and more hot food truck stops spread around the metropolis. The latest Austin-themed truck stop just popped up on the new sizzling Greenville Avenue.  A charming, romantic, café light-stung park with woodchip floors and whimsical picnic benches, an ideal spot to grab a Vietnamese sandwich from NammiTruck and enjoy the casual vibe.  With the website soon to come, you’ll have to trust me on this recommendation. I promise not to lead you astray!

food truck yard


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