Red Hot Winter

By Emily Sims

In Dallas, you never know when winter will decide to show up but when it does, winter comes in full force. Arriving mid-November this year, let’s cross our fingers that leaves will finally start falling off the trees, sandals and shorts can be packed away into our closets (hopefully, that’s where they stay this time), and we can indulge in cashmere and fur. However, winter has one side effect I could do without: altering my makeup routine.

Photo c/o Glamour

Photo c/o Glamour

Thanks to winter, my skin quickly loses its sun-kissed glow that I have accumulated since the spring due to less sunlight and frigid temperatures that force me to stay in-doors. If it weren’t for the occasional spray tan, I would resemble beloved ghost, Casper.

A friend of the warmer months, bronzer looks like an orange mask when your skin becomes translucent. Certain eye shadow colors that look great after a week at the beach start washing you out. And blush just makes you look like a creepy porcelain doll.

Thankfully, there is one thing that looks good on any one year round. Red lips are a classic look that is an effortless ‘do’ for everyone, regardless of skin tone. Personally, I prefer red lips during the winter. The red adds a pop of color to darker tones typically worn during colder months.

Although red lips never are out of style, it’s a look on-trend for this season. With ox-blood being an it color this winter, darker shades like burgundy and plum are the best finishing touch for your winter ensemble.

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