Mother Knows Best

By Allie Zoranski

Mom jeans have always been considered a “don’t,” but now the infamous cut a “do.” They just go by new name: high waisted.

The high waisted cut was first introduced in pant form in the 40s, when women needed practical clothing for work during the war effort. High waisted pants became more fashionable and feminine in the 50s when celebrities like Audrey Hepburn began to wear cropped and tailored versions. The trend had different variations through the decades but went away briefly in the 90s and early 2000s when low-rise cuts were popular.


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Today, there are high waisted shorts, pants and skirts to choose from. They cinch in the waist, creating a flattering hourglass figure. High waisted bottoms work best with a shirt tucked in to show off the waist or with crop tops if you want to try out that trend without baring too much skin.

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So next time when someone asks where you got the idea to wear high waisted bottoms, say “you got it from your mama.”

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