life is short. heels shouldn’t be.

by Elle Finney

After putting an immense amount of energy into being a tomboy for the majority of my childhood, everything changed when I found a pink, bedazzled, pointed-toe flat from DSW (yes, they were as ugly as they sound) that made me realize there was more to life than being a mediocre soccer player. Now, I wish I could include “shoe connoisseur” under the “Skills” section of my resume, but then I realize that’s not a quality worth hiring for… although it should be.

I try not to pick favorites when it comes to shoes, but as a college student practicality and comfort are essential. Give me a wedge and a platform and I’m good to go. The platform dominated the heel market for the past two years, but unfortunately a much less secure shoe is slowly replacing the platform.

Sandals and pumps without the extra quarter-inch cushion are gracing runways and streets everywhere.  These shoes are much more ornate than they have been in the past. Without the chunkiness of the platform, the elaborate shoes still manage to be demure and elegant.


Aquazzua‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Some are strappy, some have laser cutouts, but overall they’re immaculate forms of artwork. As excited as I am to incorporate these shoes into my wardrobe, I’m not sure if my feet and ankles are as thrilled.

There was something about that extra oomph that made me feel more supported. There’s a buffer between you and the ground, and you don’t feel every nook and cranny that you wobble on.

The platform will not go extinct but lately, the prettier the shoe the more uncomfortable it is. As someone who can’t go anywhere without a heel, I feel like there will be much more “heel training” coming my way as this trend carries on. Hopefully you will glide into this trend much more gracefully than I have.

Remember: “Life is short. Heels shouldn’t be.” – Brian Atwood

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