Fashion On The Court

By Diana Mansour


Russell Westbrook showing off his unique style on multiple occasions. Image via

Fashion and basketball don’t seem at all related. However, in recent years a number of NBA players have made headlines in the fashion sections.  On the court they have to wear their team uniform, but off the court, it’s a different story.

The No. 1 topic commentators, photographers and basketball bloggers pay attention to now, after a player’s basketball skills, is often his fashion sense.

In past years, before-the-game and after-the-game attire consisted of simple one-piece suits in classic colors. But now all this is out the window.  Players are letting their personalities shine through their clothing choices.

Basketball stars such as Oklahoma City Thunders small forward Kevin Durant, Miami Heat point guard Dwyane Wade and New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler have all developed a reputation for sartorial style.

But basketball’s fashion MVP may be Oklahoma City Thunders point guard Russell Westbrook.  Westbrook never shies away from a colorful print or outrageous color pattern.  Large polka-dotted shirts and leopard-print or neon-colored pants are just some of his regular selections for post-game interviews.

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