Walter Van Beirendonck Does Dallas

By Megan Tvrdik

Sitting at one of SMU Fashion Week’s panels, I was informed about a special guest making his way to Dallas. At the Dallas Contemporary Museum, Walter Van Bierendonck would have a special exhibit showing off his men’s fall 2012 and spring 2013 collections. This exhibit shows the designer’s interest in privacy and what isn’t always apparent on-screen. According to Nick Remsen, blogger for Style File, Biernendonck’s collection shows “themes of secret society dress codes, image copyright violations, reverse race misappropriation (black models in whiteface), Papua New Guinean voodooism, and more.”

I’ve never heard of Walter Van Bierendonck but once I saw the exhibit flyer, I was interested to see what this guy was all about. After I got home from the panel I immediately started searching for pictures of his work. Let’s just say he’s not your “normal” menswear designer… Take a look for yourself.

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On April 12, Walter Van Bierendonck finally made it to Dallas. His exhibit lasts until August 19. If you have a chance, you should check it out. Get your friends to go with you, too: call it a girl’s night. I know I will be making my way to take a peek very soon.


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