SMU Trendsetter: Abby Caulkins

By Jade Reichman

In order to be a trendsetter, it is essential tha you are confident in everything you wear. Abby Caulkins, a senior Art History major, exudes this confidence. Abby knows how to add a unique twist to her personal style — and does so in the most elegant yet current ways.

The New York native spent time in Paris where she adapted the idea of having a basic outfit that revolves around three colors. Parisians follow an unwritten “rule” to never wear more than three colors at a time. While Abby admits that she never followed this rule prior to spending a semester abroad, she now finds herself instinctively adhering to it most of the time.

Two pairs of Abby’s stylish shoes Photo courtesy of

Two pairs of Abby’s stylish shoes
Photo by Jade Reichman


Q&A with Abby Caulkins:

How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I have a clear, distinct stylistic category, but I’d say something like modern classic. I love new takes on old ideas, such as conservatively cut blazers in gold, bright colors, or accented with leather, or a flannel shirt and motorcycle boots with a fur vest and pearls.

A collection of Abby’s blazers Photo courtesy of

A collection of Abby’s blazers
Photo by Jade Reichman

What is one accessory you can’t live without?

A gold snake bracelet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Museum jewelry is the best-kept secret. They’re usually replicas of actual jewelry in the museum and have such rich history that makes it so much more meaningful to wear…plus it goes with everything.

Some of Abby’s best-kept pieces Photo courtesy of

Some of Abby’s best-kept pieces
Photo by Jade Reichman

What is your “go-to” outfit?

My go to outfit consists of my red wine colored jeans, black silk top, and black booties with either a black fur vest or one of several blazers. (In the photo below Abby wears her “go-to” red wine-colored Rag & Bone jeans, Jay Ahr black silk bow-tip top and white with black-leather accented Aridza Bross blazer.)

Abby in her “go to” outfit Photo courtesy of

Abby in her “go- to” outfit
Photo by Jade Reichman

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  1. Chelsea Parker says:

    I loved the Q&A section of the trendsetter piece, but I would have preferred to see the pictures that are the same size and not blurry.

  2. Paige Corwin says:

    The photos are too distracting from the actual editorial piece because they are so pixilated and not well done.


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