SMU’s Most Fashionable Bachelor

By Mary Sze

In a sea of Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines, out stands Gavin Thomson. Thomson may seem like any other senior at SMU majoring in economics and finance, however, his easy sense of style undoubtedly outshines all the rest of the men here at SMU…sorry guys.

Although Thomson wears his Pi Kappa Alpha letters with pride, he strays far from the standard fraternity brother’s uniform (a.k.a. khaki pants and button-downs). Thomson takes pride in the way he dresses. Unlike many other men – especially those in college – he doesn’t just simply throw on his t-shirt from the day before, but actually spends time planning and executing his desired outfits for each day.

Being from California, Thomson naturally claims himself to be somewhat of a “hipster”. Here is Thomson before a night out-on-the-town.

Gavin Thomson Photo courtesy of

Gavin Thomson
Photo by Mary Sze


Gavin Thomson
Photoby Mary Sze


Gavin Thomson
Photo by Mary Sze

Thomson dons a simple white tee and acid-wash jeans by ASOS, a grey vest by Lark & Wolf and shoes by YRU. As for accessories, he is wearing a distressed-brown leather belt and crown buckle by Supra. On his left hand, Thomson is wearing a watch by Timex. On his right hand, he is flaunting a gold arrow bracelet by Urban Outfitters, a black leather bracelet from a random street vendor in Peru and a grey leather hospital bracelet by Cast of Vices.


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