Lululemon: Summer casual wear of choice for chic Dallas women

on the boulevardBy Georgia Drinkwalter & Annalee Walton

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Stepping out of the gym, Lululemon has broken the boundaries of casual workout wear.  Girls spotted donning Lulu around town are not just going to and from yoga class, but shopping in their favorite boutiques, making coffee runs, even lunching at Neiman Marcus’  Zodiac Room. Lulu’s summer and spring collections pop with every color of the rainbow and brilliantly bring a fun and fashionable twist to workout apparel.

Founded in 2007, the company has succeeded because of its clothing design — and a positive lifestyle message. This message of health and fitness may further inspire us during summer months with their skin-baring styles.  At least it seemed that way recently during a walk around NorthPark Center, where we saw everyone from the teenage babysitter to the suburban mom rocking her Lulus.

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  1. Ana Maria McCaa says:

    I love all of this. Me encanta todo esto. I am a fashionista. Yo soy una facionista. My grandaughter is Georgia Drinkwalter. Mi nieta es Georgia Drinkwalter. Her mother ( a known decorator in the Norfolk, VA area) is my daughter. Su madre ( una decoradora conocida en el area de Norfolk, VA ) es mi hija. I am bi-lingual and have taught Spanish for 42 years! Yo soy bilingue y he enseñado Español) por 42 años. Being a fashionista has helped me do my job with excellence! ¡Siendo una facionista me ha ayudado hacer my trabajo con excelencia! Globalization is here to stay, you all are on the cutting edge! ¡Globalización está aquí, estan en la peña ! Young or old, we all need to look super-great! ¡Siendo joven o vieja, todos necesitamos vernos super-bien!


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