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A Date With My First True Love — Ralph Lauren

By Paige Corwin

After days of checking the mail and returning home empty-handed, it was finally here: my invitation to the Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 fashion show. The most beautiful piece of crème cardstock I have ever seen — regal, sophisticated and all mine.

I immediately called my mother and asked if she’d received hers yet. Of course she had, considering I was her “plus one.” She’d gotten the real invite from our family friend Owen Keller, a senior sales manager for the women’s collection in New York. For the first time ever, Ralph Lauren’s best employees could invite their most loyal customers to the show as a token of appreciation. Thanks for this one, Mom. This is one of the best gifts she has ever given me — a seat at a Ralph Lauren fashion show.

A week later we’re armed with trunks’ full of Ralph Lauren (the only brand to wear to the designer’s show, of course) en route to New York. I packed my most treasured Lauren pieces for the trip: a vintage navy silk blazer with gold enamel buttons, a stunning, floor-sweeping black lace skirt, a charcoal leather bomber jacket, my camel-hued leather leggings, a black cashmere turtleneck, my black patent leather Proprietor belt, and, of course, my all-time-favorite black leather stiletto ankle booties.

The first evening we attended a cocktail party at the Mansion, the flagship store on Madison and 72nd. Easily one of the most enviable pieces of real estate in Manhattan, the Mansion is the essence of Ralph Lauren grandeur — three stories of the most elegant, beautiful designs by the man himself. The evening was the perfect preface to Thursday morning, the fashion show.

The moment I stepped into the studio I was hooked. An air of excitement engulfed the room, and our host’s previous collections were on display on attendees everywhere I looked. Walking past the runway to my seat, I could feel the Lauren influence all around — from the opulent vintage antler chandeliers to the muted Russian acoustics lulling in the background to the designer’s three beautiful children, all sitting in the front row.

The audience fell silent and within moments Ralph Lauren had swept us into a sumptuous Russian romance. Beautiful models cascaded down the runway in Russian imperial styles. Gold chain detail ankle boots, fox fur headpieces, cable knit crème turtlenecks paired with black leather skirts, heavy black wool peacoats and pipeline leather leggings. This was followed by dramatic evening wear of rich jewel tones and Chantilly lace, nothing short of modern-day Anna Karenina.
Ralph Lauren had topped himself with this collection. Needless to say it was my best Valentine’s Day to date, spent with my first true love, Ralph Lauren.

Photo credit: Paige Corwin

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A Bounce in your Step

By Julianne Willis

Ruffles are back in a big way. Fluffy, flouncy, bouncy ruffles aren’t just found at the bottom of a skirt anymore. Designers have put them on hemlines all the way to sleeves.

Paris Fashion Week

No longer are ruffles considered just for girly-girls. While there still are some delicate pieces, many are daring and look anything but simple and sweet.

Burberry show
Photo credit: Go Runway

While ruffles have been around forever, pairing them with something sheer or sexy can give your outfit an unexpected edge.

Spring 2013 runway trends

This trend can be seen from the runway to the street and even the red carpet. Jennifer Garner showed up to the 2013 Oscars in a beautiful Gucci dress that showcased cascading ruffles down the entire back.

Jennifer Garner wows at the Oscars 2013

Ruffles are back for spring and if worn right, can make your outfit stand out amidst a boring sea of been there done that.

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What’s Trending in Social Networking in 2013

By Chandler Broadrick

Social media users navigate away from their comfort zone of Facebook and Twitter to become members of more specialized networks. But what apps are here to stay and what are mere fads that will soon be forgotten?

Most of generation Y can’t fathom the world without the Internet, smartphones , and especially social networking. The way people showcase themselves publicly has become a natural part of life. Every event, milestone, relationship, friendship, career, and mood is documented for public viewing. Even though the top platforms like Facebook and Twitter aren’t going any where any time soon, times are changing as people start to notice new and upcoming social networking outlets.

Where is social networking headed?

In October 2012, Facebook reported that the social networking site had 1 billion active members on the site every month. According to Facebook’s official mission statement, the company’s goal is to make the world more “open and connected”:

“People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.”

Now that the world is essentially connected by social media networks like Facebook, the capacity to connect, share ideas, and spread news is unfathomable. The evolution of social media is on a fast track and no one can imagine where it will end.

The big dogs of social networking

When people think of social networking sites, the first ones that come to mind may be Facebook and Twitter. They’ve been around for a while and are used for connecting, sharing and learning. Recently, members of the leading websites have left their comfort zones and tested new specialized networking sites. On Facebook, you can find weekend photos, couple breakups and current events while on a specialized site such as Instagram you’re offered only one use, photography. Instead of using Facebook as a one-stop shop, users spread their social networking needs across many platforms.

The “wow” networks

Many up and coming social networking sites create buzz or a period of time, and then die like any other fad. What makes a social networking site retain its members and make them say “wow” long after joining? Instagram, for instance, has that wow factor so much so that Facebook took notice and bought the company for $1 billion.

Sites must meet consumer demand with an innovative idea while delivering a pleasing aesthetic. Instagram meets these criteria by connecting, informing and entertaining members with pictures that can tag users and locations. Instagram appears clean and simple, without irritating advertisements.

What to keep an eye out for…

You can never really tell what will live and die in the world of social networking. So which app should you download and which should you pass on in order to save precious memory space in 2013?

Pose: “Where fashion happens”


Pose is a new app for fashionistas. Pose engages its members by giving them an outlet to share with friends what they’re wearing and how they’re styling it. The app allows the member to upload a picture of herself and tag the pieces she’s wearing, labeling the designer and place of purchase. Members can follow their favorite bloggers, trendsetters, and celebrities and shop their looks as well.

Catherine Norton, an SMU sophomore, says she likes to share her style on Pose, whether it be from a movie night or a fraternity formal. “I absolutely love Pose,” Norton says. It is so fun to be able to see what real girls all across the nation are wearing. I find that seeing other people’s outfits really inspires me to think outside of the box when putting pieces together.”

Vine: “Make a scene”


Moving away from instant photography like Instagram, Vine allows users to create and share looping videos with friends. It’s a simple, beautiful, and fun way to share life in action. Video categories range from how-to, sports, foods, and portraits.

Maddie Thorn, a sophomore at University of Nebraska, says she uses Vine to make others laugh. “I like using the Vine app because it’s a creative way to make short, funny videos,” says Thorn.

Wanelo: “Want, Need, Love”


Taking the charm of Pinterest one step further is Wanelo. On Wanelo you can discover today’s trendiest and coolest products and purchase them. Much like Pinterest, members create boards and pin products that they like and may be interested in purchasing. On first sign up, you’re given your first board titled: Epic Wishlist. You can follow friends, trendsetters, and stores as well as pin items to your boards. Wanelo founder Deena Varshavskaya sends a message to each new member: “Welcome to Wanelo! Please be careful. It’s dangerous,” says Varshavskaya’s message. The dangerous part is that you’ll want to purchase everything in sight. SMU sophomore Caroline Hicks says she prefers Wanelo to Pinterest and can’t get enough of it. “I am completely addicted to Wanelo. My epic wishlist is truly epic. I want everything,” says Hicks.

Tinder: A fun way to break the ice


Tinder anonymously lets users flip through possible romantic partners in their area and connect them if both parties are interested.  Users can either “like” or “pass” on a person after viewing their first name, age, photo, interests, and friends in common from Facebook. When two people choose to like each other, a match is made and a way to connect is made available. Matches can chat within the app and take things from there. SMU freshman Alex Ruiz says he likes to use Tinder more recreationally than to actually meet someone. “It’s funny to mess around with people on Tinder,” he says. “Some people take it seriously and actually want to meet people, I just like to see who will like me back.”

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