The Inquiry

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Why is it so important for communications writers to keep the AP Stylebook by their sides? Please keep your answers to about 50 words.


In 75 words or less: What is fashion?


We defined “glamour” and “celebrity” last time, and discussed how Princess Diana could be said to have straddled the divide between the two concepts. Who today do you think embodies that similar transcendental quality of glamour, yet is also a product of celebrity? Why? Please keep your answers to 100 words or less.


Think about the most memorable retail experience (good or bad) you have ever had – whether in a store, online, or with a catalog. In under 75 words, what made the experience so memorable and why?


Have personal fashion blogs taken the power to influence fashion away from the fashion magazine and other traditional fashion media? Why or why not? (Keep your answers to about 75 words.


Do a little research on the provocative designer Alexander McQueen, and in particular his 1995 collection “Highland Rape”. Be sure to check out some photos from the collection. In 75 words or less, what do you think McQueen’s point was in designing this collection? What did the designs stand for?


Fashion trends, like music, dance, and other art forms, often spring from the street, from the grassroots of youth culture. Hippies, punks, Goths, hip hop culture, etc. all created styles that found their way into the mainstream. Find a photo from your favorite street style blog that you think really epitomizes grassroots, original fashion and explain why. Keep your answers brief, fewer than 50 words. Download your photo with your post and be sure to give credit to the site!


Do some research on the history of “haute couture” and the etymology of the term. It may not be what you think it is. Keep your answers to about 75 words.


Each of the designers we have discussed so far has been male. During the 1920s and ’30, though, we see the rise of the first significant female fashion designers. Who are some of these women? How did their work – their designs – contrast with those of their male counterparts? This requires a little research and some thought, so you can take up to 200 words or so. But that still means you have to write tight.


When Christian Dior introduced his 1947 Spring-Summer line, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Carmel Snow named it the “New Look” and helped propel Dior to cult status as a designer. Describe the “new look”. Then, do a little research to find out what other editors, writers, fashion experts, and the women who wore the designs were saying about the new look. Hint: Googling key words and combinations like Dior, New, Look, Reaction, Press, Editors, etc. makes it easier. You can also check out the New York Times site: it has an entire archive about Dior. Keep your answers to a paragraph or two.


We asked you to define “fashion” on our first week of class. Define it for yourself again today in a few sentences. Have your ideas changed or evolved in the past few months? How?